Security Awareness Curve

Security Awareness Curve: A New Approach?

Poorly implemented security awareness trainings and seminars all have one major weakness, because they often do not lead to any changes in the behavior of your employees. This is due to the fact that vulnerabilities and security risks are communicated but not internalized. The expensive training enlightened, but basically did … continue reading

Phishing Tool

The 12 best tools for phishing simulations

Phishing simulations are an essential part of any IT security strategy. This is simply because phishing is still a major and serious problem that can compromise companies relatively easily and quickly. The phishing simulation provides you with security and sensitizes your own employees to this extremely important topic, because in … continue reading

Fake-Accounts auf LinkedIn

Fake accounts on LinkedIn – A problem?

Social networks determine our everyday life, for companies LinkedIn is often an important network for maintaining contacts. But due to fake accounts on LinkedIn, major hacks and security problems rise. Why LinkedIn? Fake accounts on Instagram or Facebook are common. For attackers, however, LinkedIn is a valuable platform because it … continue reading

CEO-Fraud erkennen und verhindern

CEO Fraud in Germany: Why the Fraud Scam Can Also Hit Your Company

CEO fraud is a threat to SMEs and corporations. CEO fraud is a scam that has recently become increasingly widespread. At its core, it involves cleverly manipulating or even impersonating a company’s boss in order to gain access to sensitive areas, files or company assets. Most recently, it was predominantly … continue reading

Sensibilisierung fuer mehr IT-Sicherheit

Raising awareness of IT security: Training employees and preparing them for potential threats

With a firewall, companies can protect themselves from attacks and even track individual requests through logging. A lot of money is invested in IT security in order to seal off the company’s own systems as best as possible and protect them from cybercriminals and their attacks. Digitization is also shifting … continue reading

Deepfakes erkennen

How to recognize deepfakes and effectively protect yourself from them!

Have you ever thought about what happens when you are fooled by deepfakes? When you suddenly see a video of a well-known person, someone close to you, but in the clip they ask or say something unimaginable? Deepfakes are slowly but surely making their way into society and the increasingly … continue reading

Smishing – the big scam with the fake SMS!

Smishing – a word combination of SMS and fishing that most people know from phishing. The latter represents an attempt to “fish” for passwords. Smishing refers to the channel, namely SMS, as a means to an end. Since SMS is used for only a few purposes now, criminals focus on … continue reading

Google Docs phishing comment function

Google Docs comment function is used for phishing attacks

Google Docs – simple spreadsheet as well as a word processor in the web browser. Practical, free of charge and also therefore interesting for criminals. In fact, Google’s environment is currently being used for phishing attacks. Particular emphasis is placed on the comment function. Text lines can be marked and … continue reading

wrong QR codes - parking meter

Criminals use fake QR codes on parking meters to divert payments

Fake QR codes are being placed on parking meters in the States to divert payments. Yet cities don’t even have QR codes in place for payment processing. The first cases have surfaced in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. It is to be expected that this method will find its way … continue reading

USB sticks with ransomware

USB sticks with ransomware – FIN7 hacker group uses hardware!

Having USB sticks with ransomware in the real mailbox is an unusual, even if not unrealistic, scenario. In the past, many companies have prepared for this eventuality with various measures. A current case shows that even this threat scenario cannot yet be put ad-acta. The defense industry in the United … continue reading