IT security projects

IT security projects

Logging out properly can have various benefits. When working on public computers, this step is highly recommended. When calling the project “” the links of known services are called, which log out your registration.


Signing up for a service is quick. However, regular deletion of accounts is strongly recommended. After all, deleted data can no longer be stolen. But how easy is it to unsubscribe from services? Cyberpflege clarifies and categorizes numerous services into four categories.

Cyber Team Challenge

IT fails, ransomware spreads – nothing works anymore. This scenario is the nightmare for every company. With the Cyber Team Challenge this exceptional situation can be experienced. With no real consequences for the company. The mobile Cyber Security Escape Room.


The Healbox is a joint project of the Institute for Internet Security (ifis), the BSI and the State Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony. A minicomputer is used to retrieve e-mail. The operating system is hardened and malware cannot be executed successfully. This way, emails can be checked without the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack.


Publicly available sources on the Internet are a potential danger for private individuals and organizations of all kinds. The fully automated collection and presentation of hundreds of sources is realized by AWARE7 GmbH with RISKREX – Digital Risk Management.

Dealing with passwords is not an easy task. New passwords have to be thought up all the time. You should also change them and avoid a personal reference. On everyone can download a password key card. This is how simple words can be encoded.

Criminals are creating confusion with long and fancy web pages. With it is made possible for users to insert their website to be checked. The address is then divided into its components. This way it is directly visible to which website the link really leads.

Zweiter Faktor

The combination of user names and passwords can be made considerably more secure by adding a second factor in addition to the password. Criminals then also need your smartphone, for example. clarifies which website offers which second factor.