Books in the book and e-commerce

My digital security (DE)

tips and tricks for dummies


Mensch punkt Null (DE)

Design approaches for the digital society.

Firewall systems (DE)

Elements and deployment concepts, encryption and authentication methods,

Safe on the Internet (DE)

Tips and tricks for digital life

Network Security (DE

Instructor’s Manual


GDPiRated – Stealing Personal
Information On- and Offline (EN)

Use of geolocation data as
Attack vector for social engineering (DE)

Threat Modeling for Mobile Health Systems (EN)

A Secure and Efficient Communication Tool (EN)

Interconnected, Secured and
Authenticated Medical Devices (EN)

An Usable Application for Authentication, Communication
and Access Management in the Internet of Things (EN)


Digital Risk Management (DE)

Automated collection, analysis and
Evaluate company information on the Internet

Internet of Things (IoT) –
Challenge for IT security (EN)

Constant availability, communication among networked objects.
Useful or template for botnets?

Revolution of printing (DE)

3D printing in development

Efficient and secure communication with public authorities (DE)

Simply communicate securely in the context of public authorities

Additional documents

Top 10 IT Security Tips (EN)

Short and compact – the most important tips for your private life.