Start your own career in information security now

Become an expert at AWARE7 GmbH now and help advise on sustainable information security and play your part in ensuring that we can live in a secure world.

Intellectual challenges and further training

Take the opportunity to work at the forefront of technological development and develop innovative solutions that make a real difference and are sustainable.

Diverse career paths and specializations

Whether you are interested in pentesting, forensics, governance, risk management or compliance, there is a niche for almost every inclination and skill.

Global career opportunities with international clients

We work across cultural and geographical boundaries and ensure you not only personal growth opportunities, but also a broad network and global perspectives.

Find a job now for your own career in information security. We are a small company with around 20 employees (as of 11/2022). We support companies, organizations and institutions in determining and increasing the level of information security. We do this by training employees, carrying out technical investigations or sending simulated phishing emails and educating people with the help of e-learning.

The topics of cybersecurity, information security and IT security are relevant to all industries and company sizes. Hardly any company can say it is free from dependence on computers, servers or even the Internet. Our work is so important because digitization is increasing and more and more data and processes are being digitized. We enable people to assess risks, support specialist departments in implementing measures to close security gaps and are also involved in other areas. We aim to be a little better every day than the day before.

Vacancies at AWARE7 GmbH

Currently no job offers available.

The application process for your career with us

Transparency is important to us. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to describe how our application process is organized:

  1. You can submit your application easily and conveniently via our applicant questionnaire. We recommend that you have documents such as references, certificates or certificates of attendance ready. These can be uploaded during the process.
  2. After you have entered your first and last name, you must select the area in which you wish to apply (e.g. advertised position, unsolicited, etc.)
  3. As soon as you have answered all your questions, we will get back to you shortly. Then it continues as follows

The first contact is digital

We are friends of real meetings. However, the application process in particular can result in a high number of applications. This often leads to the result that we cannot hire everyone. To reduce frustration at this point, we have decided to conduct the first interview online. The meeting is held using standard video conferencing software (e.g. Google Meet, Zoom or, in an emergency, BigBlueButton). During our first contact, we talk about the following topics:

  • Your professional experience or your studies
  • What you expect from us and what we expect from you
  • Projects, commitments and interests
  • Further questions or your questions

After our conversation, we discuss how to proceed. After a positive evaluation, an invitation to an on-site meeting in Gelsenkirchen follows.

Our conversation on site

Now that we have been able to exchange initial information digitally, we look forward to meeting you in person. As a rule, the management and the head of department take time for an exchange.

  • We welcome you and show you the office
  • For pentesters & developers: You will receive a small task, comparable to a CTF
  • We continue our conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. We invite you to lunch or similar
  • At the end of the meeting, we exchange ideas. We are available to answer your questions

After we get to know each other, a few days pass before a final decision is made. You should also let the day sink in and think about what your day-to-day work with us could look like. You will receive feedback from us a few days later. If the decision is positive, you will receive our personnel registration form. This is used to make all the necessary registrations and draw up the employment contract. In the past, it has been shown that most applicants need a little more time to determine the (pension) insurance number and ID number for the tax office. Then nothing will stand in the way of your career.

Testimonials from employees

From practical project to head of department. From 10 to 40 hours. From student interns to doctoral students. We have grown strongly in recent years. Anyone who wants to play an active role in shaping the company has the opportunity to do so with us.

Rico completed his industrial internship with us at the Science Park

Rico was an integral part of AWARE7 GmbH from March to September.

Christian completed a six-month internship with us in Gelsenkirchen

From Heidenheim to Gelsenkirchen. From THE LÄND to Europe’s Heartbeat!