Run phishing simulations now and increase security awareness

Give your employees the opportunity to train how to deal with dangerous e-mails. One-off or continuous - but always without danger.

Individual templates

The phishing e-mails are coordinated with you in a kick-off meeting and created and sent according to your wishes.

Delayed delivery

We deliver the e-mails with a time delay and according to your requirements so that the report can be sent in a meaningful and realistic way.

Full support

We accompany you through the entire process, right up to the implementation of further awareness measures.

We carry out phishing simulations for companies of different sizes

From small and medium-sized companies to corporations, public administration and critical infrastructure organizations – we carry out phishing simulations in a wide range of sizes. Up to date, in accordance with standards and based on ISO 27001.

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Phishing simulation procedure

1. establishing contact & exchanging initial details
Once you have contacted us, we will schedule an initial meeting to discuss your request in more detail. We reserve the desired implementation period subject to reservation and determine the work packages and scope. You will then receive a quote.

2. offer acceptance and kick-off date
Your appointment is reserved as soon as you have accepted the offer. You will receive an order confirmation and all necessary contracts. All necessary information should be available for the kick-off meeting.

3. carrying out the simulations
We begin with the implementation of the campaigns on the agreed date, which are accompanied by an intensive exchange.

4. dispatch of the report and presentation of the results
We provide you with the report and, if required, we then hold a meeting to present the test results and recommended measures to your technicians and management.

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An excerpt from our awareness consultants

Benjamin Krüger, MA

Senior Security Consultant

Benjamin Krüger works in information security consulting and was responsible for phishing simulations as a project manager.

Andre Hütter, BSc

Security Consultant

André Hütter is an information security consultant and speaker for training courses, seminars and awareness training on all aspects of IT security.

David Bothe, MSc

Senior Security Consultant

David Bothe is an IT security consultant, software developer and awareness trainer. He has been working in the IT security industry since 2013.

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IT security made in Germany

Attacking and testing applications is the means to an end. The medium-term goal is always to increase the level of IT security and thus enable the long-term protection of customer and company data. We have been awarded the “IT Security made in Germany” seal by the TeleTrust Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. (German IT Security Association). The document declaring and authorizing the use of the seal is available for inspection.

Even though we operate worldwide, our headquarters will remain in Germany

AWARE7 GmbH has been based in Germany since its foundation. The location in Germany is valued by our international customers due to the high quality standards.

Products and services are free of hidden accesses

All of the services we provide are carried out in accordance with ethical principles. The removal of all access points after a test is mandatory and firmly integrated into the process.

Research & development takes place exclusively in Germany

New products and collaboration with students and scientific institutes are part of our corporate DNA. We are always at the cutting edge of research and development and are based exclusively in Germany.

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Success stories

Group-wide awareness campaign for Gelsenwasser AG

Together with AWARE7 GmbH, Gelsenwasser AG carried out an extensive, multimedia cyber security awareness campaign for around 1,500 employees.

Remote cybersecurity awareness event for Payback GmbH

PAYBACK GmbH has booked AWARE7 GmbH for a remote live hacking awareness show to prepare and sensitize employees to digital threats.

Emergency deployment in the district of Dachau

At 9:00 am the speaker was canceled, we were called at 10:00 am. At 17:00 we were on time in Dachau to enrich the planned event with a live hacking presentation.

Remote Live Hacking Show at the Security Days at Munich Re

The world’s largest reinsurer has been relying on our expertise for several years. In recent years, we have always been represented at the internal Security Days.

External penetration test for the mobile iOS application of Twinsoft GmbH & Co. KG

We carried out an extensive penetration test of the BioShare Authenticator app and the backend for Twinsoft GmbH & Co.

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We have been carrying out various types of projects. The satisfaction is reflected in the release of a success story. Take a look at all our success stories now.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is a managed phishing simulation?

A managed phishing simulation is a controlled test in which employees receive simulated phishing emails to test and train their reaction behavior. The main aim is to provide realistic training on how to deal with potentially malicious emails. The aim is to increase security awareness and to bring the different levels of difficulty in detecting phishing emails into the organization.

Are employees informed before a phishing simulation is carried out?

As a rule, employees are not informed of specific simulation dates in advance. This serves to create a realistic situation for training. However, you can be advised that such simulations are carried out regularly.

What happens if an employee responds to a phishing e-mail?

When an employee responds to a simulated phishing email, they are usually redirected to a learning page that explains how to recognize phishing attacks. In addition, the results will be included anonymously in the overall analysis. We insist on confirmation from the management or works council that the implementation of a phishing simulation has no negative consequences for employees.

How often should phishing simulations be carried out?

It is recommended to conduct phishing simulations at least quarterly to maintain and continuously improve employee awareness. However, decisions should always be made on an individual basis.

How is the privacy of employees protected?

All data is anonymized and treated confidentially. The results of the simulation are analyzed on an aggregated basis in order to protect the privacy of individual employees.
Furthermore, the data is processed and stored exclusively on European servers.

Can the phishing simulation be adapted to our corporate design?

Yes, our phishing simulations can be customized to your company design and specific requirements to create realistic scenarios.

What does a managed phishing simulation cost?

The costs vary depending on the scope and requirements of the simulation. Please contact us for a customized offer.

How can I commission a managed phishing simulation for my company?

Contact us via our contact form or call us directly. We will be happy to advise you and create a customized offer for your company.