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Open source library dependencies

Check dependencies on open source libraries!

With a high number of dependencies on open source libraries, unwanted problems can occur. As a recent incident shows, these do not have to be of technical origin, but can have human motives. The open-source faker.js and colors.js libraries were intentionally tampered with by Marak Squires, the developer. Developers who … continue reading

Budget in IT security!

Every company has a budget that is dedicated to IT. Consequently, some of that should go toward maintaining the company’s cybersecurity. This can take on very different dimensions. A budget for IT security! Within a company you have different budgets for certain areas. For example, every company has a budget … continue reading

CTF: Learning Format for Cybersecurity

A Capture the Flag (CTF) contest is an event that is well known in the field of information security. Regardless of whether they are experts or newcomers, a CTF can help build information security capabilities. The competitive character makes the whole thing competitive. What is a CTF? A CTF is … continue reading