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What is DKIM?

If you are looking for protection mechanisms for email on the Internet, you will quickly come across DKIM. This identification protocol is designed to counteract unwanted emails such as spam or phishing. But what is this protocol all about? How does it work and how can I use it myself … continue reading

digitale signatur

How do digital signatures work?

If you want to sign something in the analog world, you can simply take a pen and put your signature under the corresponding document. In the digital space, digital signatures exist for this purpose, but they can do much more than merely exist and be recognized as a legally valid … continue reading

Crypto Mining

What is crypto mining and how safe is it?

It all started with Bitcoin, or rather its whitepaper, which first revealed the idea of a digital currency. A currency that would not be controlled by states or governments and would be decentralized, so that any outside intervention seemed almost impossible. This is Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin, which is now known … continue reading


Packet loss on the Internet: What’s its source and meaning?

The Internet works a little differently than most people think. Especially on the technical side, there are things that need to be understood first in order to understand the big picture. Packet loss is one of those basics that, while often familiar in concept, is largely unknown in detail. To … continue reading

AWARE7 GmbH - Ausbildungsbetrieb IHK Nord Westfalen

AWARE7 GmbH is an official training company

AWARE7 GmbH is now an official training company. The model around vocational training in Germany is almost unique in the world and is unjustly placed in the shadow of a university degree. With Chris Wojzechowski, we now have a trained instructor in the company who accompanies the proper and professional … continue reading

Fake-Accounts auf LinkedIn

Fake accounts on LinkedIn – A problem?

Social networks determine our everyday life, for companies LinkedIn is often an important network for maintaining contacts. But due to fake accounts on LinkedIn, major hacks and security problems rise. Why LinkedIn? Fake accounts on Instagram or Facebook are common. For attackers, however, LinkedIn is a valuable platform because it … continue reading


Start-ups and their indispensable IT security

Startups have recently become a popular target for cyber attacks. Meanwhile, cybercriminals are no longer necessarily trying to catch the big companies, but are nesting in the IT systems of small companies and businesses. Once they have gained a foothold there, all doors are usually open to them, because most … continue reading

Call ID Spoofing

Call ID spoofing becomes more difficult

Call ID spoofing, the concealment of telephone numbers, will be made more difficult in Germany as of 1.12.22 by an amendment to the Telecommunications Act (TKG). But how exactly is this implemented? How does Call ID Spoofing work? We’ve dealt with Call ID spoofing on the blog before. To summarize … continue reading


What DDoS attacks are, how they work and what DDoS protection is currently available

What is a DDoS attack, who carries it out and what exactly is the difference between a DoS and a DDoS attack? Today we are going to explain all these questions and more in detail about popular DDoS attacks. So if you haven’t yet set up a contingency plan in … continue reading

CEO-Fraud erkennen und verhindern

CEO Fraud in Germany: Why the Fraud Scam Can Also Hit Your Company

CEO fraud is a threat to SMEs and corporations. CEO fraud is a scam that has recently become increasingly widespread. At its core, it involves cleverly manipulating or even impersonating a company’s boss in order to gain access to sensitive areas, files or company assets. Most recently, it was predominantly … continue reading