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The IT-Security Trends 2019 – that comes to us!

What are the IT Security Trends 2019? Numerous companies, bloggers and other IT security-savvy people are currently asking themselves this question and the corresponding answers.

Is everything true? Not at all important – but it does show an assessment of where we stand today and what the writers believe is possible. We want to join this – these are our trends!

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Hospital in Germany paralyzed by virus!

A hospital in Fürstenfeldbruck, to be more precise the hospital Fürstenfeldbruck, had to take all 450 computers from the net. The reason for this is a very massive virus infestation of the entire IT infrastructure. This is not the first case in Germany. At the beginning of 2016, the often … continue reading

AWARE7 at the Startup Night of the Ruhr HUB !

This week we could win Matteo from AWARE7 as Cybersecurity experts for our blog (or more or less forced according to him). Already at the Startup-Nights last Thursday (15.11.) he gave us exciting insights into the Cybersecurity-Startup-Hotspot Gelsenkirchen and shared basic Best Practices with us. Now we could persuade him … continue reading

ImageGate: Images contain ransomware!

Images contain ransomware: It is a new method to get infected with Locky! Up to now, the widespread encryption trojan came preferably via an email mailbox on the computer. The strategy is now changing. Social networks are in focus! Images contain ransomware – do not download! It’s no longer the … continue reading