AWARE7 GmbH is an official training company

M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski

AWARE7 GmbH is an official training company

AWARE7 GmbH is now an official training company. The model around vocational training in Germany is almost unique in the world and is unjustly placed in the shadow of a university degree. With Chris Wojzechowski, we now have a trained instructor in the company who accompanies the proper and professional execution of the training.

We are therefore pleased to be able to offer training in various professions and thus make a further contribution to reducing the shortage of skilled workers. In addition to the obligatory processes, trainees have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in the area of information security.

From A to Z: Authorized, future-oriented and certified

We support companies and organizations in determining and increasing the level of information security. To this end, we operate an extensive infrastructure, are our own strictest customer and place a high value on respectful cooperation. For this reason, we have also signed the Diversity Charter.

In addition to go-digital authorization, the entire area of cybersecurity is forward-looking. Anyone who decides to train with us today will not only learn their (dream) profession, but also how to handle sensitive information and trade secrets. Our information security management system is certified according to ISO 27001 and all employees participate in it. Processes are outdated, recommendations no longer match the software, or a risk is new and has not yet been considered?

Simply express criticism and contribute to the safety culture. Mistakes must be made in order to improve. Therefore, suggestions for improving processes or procedures are welcome, evaluated and often implemented shortly.

AWARE7 GmbH – a multi-faceted training company

AWARE7 GmbH emerged from a spin-off from the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences. And even though routine is part of everyday life, everyday life is by no means routine with us. Security incidents, certification projects or live hacking shows ensure that no two weeks are the same. Even though trainees are taught the guideline and rough learning objectives at our company, it is unavoidable to participate in the day-to-day business.

Attend a trade show in San Francisco (RSA), Dubai (GISEC), Nuremberg (IT-SA) or Barcelona (MWC)? Possible, but not required. Even though we can hardly all sit at the same table anymore, having lunch together is important to us. A joint, cross-departmental exchange is important for us.

We have apprenticeship positions available!

The great training environment is nothing without motivated people who bring the offered position to life. We currently offer the following apprenticeship position:

You can’t find the right apprenticeship position? It’s best to make contact and talk briefly. We may plan to add more job descriptions.

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M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski

My name is Chris Wojzechowski and I studied my Master in Internet Security in Gelsenkirchen a few years ago. I am one of two managing directors of AWARE7 GmbH and a trained IT Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz practitioner (TÜV) and possess the test procedure competence for § 8a BSIG. Our bread and butter business is performing penetration testing. We are also committed to promoting a broad understanding of IT security in Europe, which is why we offer the majority of our products free of charge.