We support you in setting up and expanding an ISMS - all the way to certified information security.

Information security in action. From the guideline to the training to the certification audit - we accompany you in your project.

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Do you want to achieve ISO 27001 certification in the medium or long term? Then contact us now without obligation.

An information security management system (ISMS) includes more than just IT security topics. From the guideline to asset management, we support you in setting up and expanding.

Together with you we conduct workshops and make suggestions for possible guidelines and directives. Our well-rehearsed team is completely geared to your requirements.

Get in touch now. We would be pleased to make you an offer incl. possible project plan.



After your inquiry, we will coordinate an initial meeting. We need information to be able to estimate the effort and the desired support.

Subsequently, we prepare an offer as well as a possible project plan.



The offer is signed and the work packages from the project plan are fixed.

We arrange the first dates for workshops and set up a jour fixe. An on-site appointment must also be scheduled.


GAP analysis

How much documentation do you already have, how much do you need to catch up on?

This question is answered by the GAP analysis. Further work packages are being developed


construction and extension

The ISMS is supplemented by missing documents. In addition, we support and advise on the implementation of measures.

Our advice is always vendor and product neutral.



We obtain offers for a (pre-)audit and accompany you during the implementation.

Possible discrepancies are solved in cooperation so that you can carry out an audit for ISO 27001 certification in a timely manner.

information security in practice

Prove your level of security.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security. It certifies a sufficiently comprehensive, practiced and regularly updated information security management system.

With ISO/IEC 27001 certification, you can quickly and easily demonstrate your commitment to protecting employees, suppliers and customer data.

Increasing requirements

Across all levels and hierarchies.

We recommend considering the scope of certification for an entire organization. Demonstrate that you require everyone from management to trainees to adhere to the guidelines and policies of your information security management system.

Increasing requirements

Availability, integrity and confidentiality

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Requirements are demanded from customers and suppliers with regard to the characteristics of IT security.

Reduce your risks by doing valuable preventive work before an incident occurs. The impact of attacks can be reduced and systems can be recovered more quickly.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to achieve successful ISO 27001 certification?

The path to successful ISO 27001 certification depends heavily on the current status of the ISMS. If you have not yet started to build an information security management system, then you should assume about one year if your organization is an SME.

Why does external support accelerate the establishment of an ISMS?

Setting up an ISMS is partly very practical work. In some cases, however, abstract hazards need to be described and procedures for assessment need to be written down. For the majority of these tasks, you can save yourself a lot of discussion and subsequent adjustment by hiring experts who deal with this challenge on a daily basis.

What is the difference between ISO 27001 and the BSI’s IT-Grundschutz?

The IT-Grundschutz from the Federal Office for Information Security is a national standard. It describes a procedure for identifying and implementing security measures. The IT-Grundschutz can be seen as a concrete version of ISO 27001.

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