M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski

Open source library dependencies

Check dependencies on open source libraries!

With a high number of dependencies on open source libraries, unwanted problems can occur. As a recent incident shows, these do not have to be of technical origin, but can have human motives. The open-source faker.js and colors.js libraries were intentionally tampered with by Marak Squires, the developer. Developers who … continue reading

CTF: Learning Format for Cybersecurity

A Capture the Flag (CTF) contest is an event that is well known in the field of information security. Regardless of whether they are experts or newcomers, a CTF can help build information security capabilities. The competitive character makes the whole thing competitive. What is a CTF? A CTF is … continue reading

Unc0ver: Jailbreak for iOS 11 to 13.5 available!

Since Saturday, a non-permanent and fully reversible jailbreak is available for iOS 11 to 13.5. The possibility to break out of Apple’s operating system is based on a zero-day gap which is at home in the kernel. The developers are positive that the jailbreak also works with iOS 14. With the release of the jailbreak the developers renounce the participation in a bug bounty program.

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Hacker Shop – Buying hacking hardware

In a hacker shop you can buy ready-made hardware and software for attacking IT systems. The hardware can also save time and carry out complex work faster when carrying out a professional penetration test on site.

Having received the hardware without the explicit declaration of consent can have legal consequences. The different tools range from espionage to the wilful destruction of property.

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