We are at the Digital Demo Day 2020 in Düsseldorf!

We are at the Digital Demo Day 2020 in Düsseldorf!

Also this year numerous start-ups will present themselves at the Digital Demo Day 2020 in Düsseldorf – and we will be there again this year! After the first participation last year, we were impressed by the audience, the organizer and the other startups. Already last year it was clear: 2020 we will be there too!

Live Hacking at the Digital Demo Day 2020 in Düsseldorf!

Especially at trade fairs the demonstration of a live hacking makes sense. In short sessions, usually 10 – 20 minutes, we perform small live hacks and give tips and tricks how to protect yourself from cyber criminals. Among other things we show Call ID Spoofing or Brute Force Attacks on sensitive accounts. But of course we will not limit ourselves to the Live Hacking this year as well.

In addition to the demonstration, we also have our Digital Risk Management Technology in our luggage. Security risks automatically experienced from public sources, within seconds. We now tap 250 sources for meaningful reports. With the help of RISKREX, SMEs in particular should be able to take a big step towards prevention of cyber crime. On 15.01 is public release of the technology, which everyone can try out.

Pentesting, digital risk management and live hacking in Düsseldorf!

We continue to be IT security providers and specialize in the performance of penetration tests. Just last year our offer 7launch was particularly well received. Especially for start-ups securing the technology is crucial. For this reason we offer a reduced, limited to the most common security vulnerabilities, specialized penetration test. Companies that are not yet 3 years old, have less than 50 employees* can contact us at the Digital Demo Day 2020 in Düsseldorf. For further details please contact our staff* at the booth.

At regular intervals we will be holding live hacking shows. As last year, the event will take place in the Böhler area. The event starts early in the morning. The day on which you should show up is February 13th. On this Thursday the Digital Demo Day 2020 will take place as a one-day event.

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Mein Name ist Chris Wojzechowski und ich habe vor wenigen Jahren meinen Master in Internet-Sicherheit in Gelsenkirchen studiert. Ich bin geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der AWARE7 GmbH und ausgebildeter IT-Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz Praktiker (TÜV) und besitze die Prüfverfahrenskompetenz für § 8a BSIG. Unser Brot und Buttergeschäft ist die Durchführung von Penetrationstests. Wir setzen uns darüber hinaus für ein breites Verständnis für IT-Sicherheit in Europa ein und bieten aus diesem Grund den Großteil unserer Produkte kostenfrei an.