M.Sc. Jan Hörnemann


Opportunities and risks of ChatGPT-4

Currently, there is hardly a hotter topic than that of artificial intelligence. Especially the name ChatGPT triggers something in many minds and is emblematic for the connection of AI with simple text inputs. ChatGPT-4 is the latest model of artificial intelligence and goes a big step further, in direct comparison … continue reading

Security Awareness Curve

Security Awareness Curve: A New Approach?

Poorly implemented security awareness trainings and seminars all have one major weakness, because they often do not lead to any changes in the behavior of your employees. This is due to the fact that vulnerabilities and security risks are communicated but not internalized. The expensive training enlightened, but basically did … continue reading


How secure is the iPhone?

Apple has been focusing on maximizing privacy for years and has already introduced many new features for this purpose. The private relay, for example, a kind of integrated VPN, as well as advanced encryption and the so-called blocking mode. But what are all these features really good for and how … continue reading

Which cloud is the most secure?

One often encounters the term cloud when it comes to data storage. There are many different cloud providers that can store our data for a small amount of money. We therefore took a look at which cloud is the most secure. Which cloud is the most secure? Which cloud is … continue reading

Pentest Tool #5 – Naabu

In week 5 we will introduce the Pentest Tool #5 Naabu. Naabu is a scanner like the tools we already know. We are still in the reconnaissance phase, in which we as attackers try to get to know the target system as well as possible. Using Naabu, the goal is to detect open ports on the target system with a very fast scan.

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