The technique-blog is started!

The technique-blog is started!

Hello dear readers,

just in time for the start of the new year I came up with the idea of an own blog. As you can see from the date of the post we have already mid 2016. I like to tend to perfectionism. This is sometimes useful, but can also slow you down! From time to time I had to go through an exam phase. I then “simply” took my time. The simple way a subdomain of Tumblr or Blogspot was out of question for me. I would like to control and manage my own little place in the internet.

You don’t have to risk high costs when you start a blog. With many providers you get free months to test a server or web hosting package. But I thought a lot about the design – but I didn’t think about it until the blog was up and running.

I have to admit that most of my time was spent on the design. And even if you have a rest for a while… Then I am fascinated by perfectionism again. So if you find errors in the display on your mobile devices, I would be grateful for a message!

Learning by doing

An own blog is, I have already noticed, a great opportunity to keep up to date with the basics in HTML, CSS & PHP. But that’s not what the technique-blog is here for. Privately I am often very interested in some things.

These include the most different (technical) things. After some consideration the name “technique-blog.de” was chosen. If you hack the word “technique” into the Google translator, you will get the answer:

  • the technology (technology, engineering, mechanics)
  • the working method (process)

And this is exactly what the blog will be about.

I hope you enjoy reading it – you are welcome to leave feedback!

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Chris Wojzechowski

Mein Name ist Chris Wojzechowski und ich habe vor wenigen Jahren meinen Master in Internet-Sicherheit in Gelsenkirchen studiert. Ich bin geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der AWARE7 GmbH und ausgebildeter IT-Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz Praktiker (TÜV) und besitze die Prüfverfahrenskompetenz für § 8a BSIG. Unser Brot und Buttergeschäft ist die Durchführung von Penetrationstests. Wir setzen uns darüber hinaus für ein breites Verständnis für IT-Sicherheit in Europa ein und bieten aus diesem Grund den Großteil unserer Produkte kostenfrei an.