The technique-blog is started!

M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski (IT-Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz Practitioner (TÜV)

The technique-blog is started!

Hello dear readers,

just in time for the start of the new year I came up with the idea of an own blog. As you can see from the date of the post we have already mid 2016. I like to tend to perfectionism. This is sometimes useful, but can also slow you down! From time to time I had to go through an exam phase. I then “simply” took my time. The simple way a subdomain of Tumblr or Blogspot was out of question for me. I would like to control and manage my own little place in the internet.

You don’t have to risk high costs when you start a blog. With many providers you get free months to test a server or web hosting package. But I thought a lot about the design – but I didn’t think about it until the blog was up and running.

I have to admit that most of my time was spent on the design. And even if you have a rest for a while… Then I am fascinated by perfectionism again. So if you find errors in the display on your mobile devices, I would be grateful for a message!

Learning by doing

An own blog is, I have already noticed, a great opportunity to keep up to date with the basics in HTML, CSS & PHP. But that’s not what the technique-blog is here for. Privately I am often very interested in some things.

These include the most different (technical) things. After some consideration the name “” was chosen. If you hack the word “technique” into the Google translator, you will get the answer:

  • the technology (technology, engineering, mechanics)
  • the working method (process)

And this is exactly what the blog will be about.

I hope you enjoy reading it – you are welcome to leave feedback!

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M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski (IT-Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz Practitioner (TÜV)

My name is Chris Wojzechowski and I am one of two managing directors of AWARE7 GmbH. Our butter & bread business is performing penetration tests. We are also committed to a broad understanding of IT security in Europe and for this reason we offer the majority of our products free of charge.