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IT security for
Human & Machine

With the help of our products and services, we work with you to increase the IT security level of your organization.

We are independent of manufacturers and product providers

Our services and consulting are market neutral. This was confirmed by our go-digital authorization, among other things.

Highest standards of confidentiality and data protection

GDPR, privacy-by-design and need-to-know principles are embedded in our corporate DNA. For every customer, on every project.

Involved in science, active in business

Theses, articles and papers are part of our daily work. Much of it is free of charge and can be viewed.

Leading organizations rely on our expertise

You too can benefit from our modern approaches to business and research

Live HAcking SHow

Create attention
for IT security

Experience our live hacking at your event. The advertising-free and manufacturer-independent show inspires your audience and has a lasting effect.

Penetration test - perform

Penetration Testing

Protect your systems
from cyber criminals

We examine your infrastructure and applications for security gaps and work with you to close them. This way you significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

Phishing SImulation

Prepare your workforce
prepare for digital attacks

A phishing simulation helps to learn how to deal with potentially malicious e-mails without danger. Whether general, occasion-related or tailored: We help you prepare for possible attacks.

IT security management

Structured, certified information security

We support you in setting up and expanding an information security management system (ISMS). Are you striving for ISO 27001 certification and looking for a partner to support you in setting up and expanding an ISMS? We guide you through the jungle of guidelines and directives.

Chris Wojzechowski
Managing Partner

IT security creates trust.
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Our success stories

Group-wide awareness campaign for Gelsenwasser AG

Together with AWARE7 GmbH, Gelsenwasser AG carried out an extensive, multimedia cyber security awareness campaign for approx. 1,500 employees.

Remote Cybersecurity Awareness Event for Payback GmbH

PAYBACK GmbH has booked AWARE7 GmbH for a remote live hacking awareness show to prepare and sensitize employees to digital risks.

Germany-wide live hacking shows for BG3000 Service GmbH

Together with BG3000 Service GmbH, approximately 200 live hacking shows and workshops were held at schools for teachers and students.

We work out your individual IT security strategy together with you.

We support you in the start, implementation and further development of IT security strategies as well as their implementation. Our experts include

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP)
  • ISO 27001 Lead Auditors
  • IT Risk Manager (TÜV)
  • IT-Grundschutz Practitioner (TÜV)


Our memberships

We achieve more as a community. For this reason, we are members of and involved in selected associations.

“The experts at AWARE7 reliably support organisations in raising the level of IT security. I am proud that the spin-off AWARE7 from the Institute for Internet Security is so successful in helping to make the digital future more secure and trustworthy.”

Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann
Computer science professor & managing
Director of the Research Institute for Internet Security

IT Security Made in Germany

Attacking and testing applications is the means to an end. The medium-term goal is always to increase the level of IT security and thus enable the long-term protection of customer and company data. We have been awarded the “IT Security made in Germany” seal by TeleTrust Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V.. The document declaring and authorizing the use of the seal can be viewed.

Even though we operate worldwide, our headquarters are and will remain in Germany

Since its foundation, AWARE7 GmbH has been headquartered in Germany. The location Germany is appreciated by our international customers.

Products and services are free from hidden accesses

All the services we provide are carried out in accordance with ethical principles. The elimination of all accesses after a test is mandatory and firmly integrated into the process.

Research & development takes place exclusively in Germany

New products, innovative ideas and cooperation with students and scientific institutes are in our company DNA. We research and develop exclusively from Germany.

Now without obligation

AWARE7 GmbH is a professional service provider in the IT security industry. Contact us now without obligation – even for projects, plans or investigations that are not explicitly listed on the website.

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