private.sh – a new search engine with privacy protection!

private.sh – a new search engine with privacy protection!

With private.sh, a new search engine is trying to enter the search engine market that respects and protects the privacy of users*. Whether the new search engine really meets the requirements must be checked by an independent party in the end. The approaches sound promising, however.

search engine with privacy – not a new one, but an important market!

Search engines with a special focus on privacy, do not always deliver the best and most appropriate results. But especially when no personal search results are necessary, it is worthwhile to use search engines that do not store personal data, or if they do, then only as few as possible.

Since the end of 2019 private.sh is now available – but it is by no means the only search engine that promises to store as little data as possible or to work with established encryption methods.

Next to the search bar, where terms, sentences and words can be entered, there are additional filters and search options to the right. This allows a targeted search for German-language articles from the news section. Currently, there are no options for searching by time and file type.

Multiple steps for encrypted requests & Answers

private-sh many steps for more privatsphere
private.sh is a search engine with special focus on privacy. Source: private.sh

The approach to make search queries & answers secure is interesting. The implementation and security must be checked by independent third parties. Especially when carrying out security checks, these methods can be checked.

Security audit must substantiate procedure!

“Your data is important to us” or “The protection of your data is of particular concern to us” are sayings that many companies, organizations and individuals have already claimed – until the theft of data occurred. On well-known sites such as HIBP, you can read about the latest thefts almost daily.

There are already alternative search engines to private.sh – with privacy!

There are already numerous search engines on the market that promise increased privacy protection. First and foremost is DuckDuckGo. But startpage is also a popular alternative. Since 2004 the verb “google” can be found in the dictionary. – the classic, at least in Europe, as soon as information is searched for on the net. But the search engines with an increased privacy are gaining market share.

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