Best Websites Part 4 – Where am I registered everywhere?

Best Websites Part 4 – Where am I registered everywhere?

Websites leave cookies behind and thus retrieve information.

For convenience on Facebook or necessity when shopping online – numerous cookies find their way onto your computer and raise the question “Where am I logged in everywhere? “The websites presented here not only show you where you are logged in, but also log you out of these services and show you if and how you can delete your account!

Where am I registered everywhere? Quickly unsubscribe from major services!

The first logout.com logs you off automatically from larger services. If you don’t delete your cookies regularly and like to use the “stay logged in”-function, then you will find yourself in one or the other abyss. Because cookies tell you a lot about your own surfing behaviour. The website can also be sent as a little fun.

If you are using publicly accessible computers (library, university etc.), the cookies should be deleted after work. This also allows you to log out of various services at the same time. However, the next time you log in, you may be informed that the last logout was not correct.

To find out if and how you can completely log out of services!

For some services it is not possible to log off completely. The free service Cybermaintenance draws attention to this before registration and thus protects you from being unable to delete your data.

With green marked fields the logout is easy, with orange marked fields it is more difficult. With red services, deregistration is very time-consuming – there is no way around customer support. Services marked in black do not offer complete deregistration. Under each service there is a description of how you can unsubscribe. If you do not wish to unsubscribe, you will find the company’s reason for doing so there. If you miss a service, you can suggest it.

Where am I registered everywhere – lost overview? My opinion!
Registration is quick – username, password and email are often mandatory. However, how long a cookie remains on the computer cannot be seen at first glance.

Large websites that also transfer visitor data to other, sometimes up to 30 external sites, are an underestimated threat to privacy and allow detailed profiling. Everybody knows the phenomenon – first you look for sneakers and when you then browse the net you get advertisements of sneakers.

The advertising industry is long past these beginnings. So you are doing yourself a favor if you regularly log out of services, do not use the “stay signed in” function and, if possible, completely log out of services you do not need!

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