Industry-specific advice - tailored to your needs

AWARE7 consultants have detailed specialist knowledge in various sectors. Depending on the sector in which your company operates, we will select the best consultant for you.

Specific expertise

A comprehensive understanding of the challenges, trends and best practices in many different and diverse industries.

Targeted advice

Tailor-made recommendations and solutions for your individual requirements. This leads to more effective consulting results.

Increased efficiency

Making operational processes more efficient, reducing costs and improving profitability through specific advice.

Advice in every sector

Information security has cross-industry relevance and is not exclusively focused on corporations, but also on small and medium-sized companies. Protecting digital assets and safeguarding your company from cyber threats is one of the core competencies of our services. Through prevention and awareness of the sensitivity of digital data, you can achieve smooth business processes and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. A variety of organizations are dependent on information security concepts due to the constantly growing threat landscape. A proactive security strategy is therefore essential. Important aspects for the implementation of a security strategy are the confidentiality and integrity of your company, the fulfillment of compliance requirements, risk management and a not insignificant competitive advantage.

Digital transformation

Increasing digitalization is affecting all industries worldwide. As a result, many companies have become dependent on new technology and digital data. Implementing a digital transformation strategy or integrating new technologies can be exhausting. In this case, our experts will help you to keep your information security in mind.

Compliance requirements and legal regulations are binding and form the basis for the protection of sensitive data. Compliance with these security standards requires not only sensitivity, but also information security consulting that makes it easier for you to avoid potential penalties and comply with laws and regulations.

Risk management

To protect your business objectives and digital data, you as a company must proactively arm yourself against cyber threats and risks from the network. This includes sensitizing your employees through training or a security check of your company through a penetration test. Criminals make no distinction between industries, which is why more and more organizations are falling victim to sophisticated attack techniques.

Reputation protection

Every company fears cyberattacks and data leaks and the associated impact on their relationships with customers and partners. The security of your data is your digital business card, which you can use to build and maintain your business relationships. In order to strengthen the trust of your stakeholders in your company, you can train your employees and have your company certified, e.g. according to ISO 27001.

Security consulting in all sectors

Information technology
  • IT service provider
  • Software manufacturer
  • IoT, data centers
  • Banks
  • Insurances
  • Reinsurer
  • Health insurance companies
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Hospitals
  • Medical technology
Software development
  • Helping to develop
  • Check code before launching the software
  • Integrate security checks into the development cycle
  • Threat modeling and risk analysis
Public service
  • Municipalities, authorities, offices
  • Associations such as medical associations, hospital technology association
  • Universities, adult education centers, private educational institutions
  • Public utility companies
  • Transportation and infrastructure
Industry and production
  • Automotive, mechanical and plant engineering
  • Industry 4.0
  • Logistics and transportation service provider
  • Port management, airport management
  • Chemical industry
KRITIS company
  • Provider
  • Clinics
  • Energy supplier
  • Public utilities

We are our best customer

As an information security consultancy, the demands placed on its own systems are high. All employees are aware that improvement as part of the PDCA cycle is necessary for an increased level of information security maturity.

We have decided to have our ISMS certified in accordance with ISO 27001 in order to be able to present this claim to the outside world. The scope includes all locations, employees, business processes and assets. The certificate can be downloaded free of charge.

We know what we are talking about, are familiar with the challenges of project planning and maintain close contact with auditors.

AWARE7 ISO 27001 certified
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