Research & Development

Research & Development

At AWARE7, we conduct research for a sustainable and safe society. We believe in the uncompromising publication of our research results in the area of vulnerabilities. For example, we publish vulnerabilities that we find in components and systems using standardized procedures such as CVEs and also publish advisories ourselves. We usually bundle larger research projects in a scientific publication, which we publish in peer-reviewed conferences and journals. Peer review means that experts evaluate our submitted work, usually an article. They check whether the paper is well written and whether the arguments and results are sound and technically correct. The peer review process is designed to ensure that the work is of the highest quality. If you are interested in doing research with us as part of your studies or doctorate, please send us an application.

What we are researching

We are currently researching various topics in the field of offensive security. We also have various research projects that are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. These are presented below.


The UbiTrans project aims to make the web more transparent and is developing innovative tools that enable users to effectively and easily assess what content (visible or not) is included on websites in order to make self-determined and informed decisions. For this purpose, distributed intelligence (“crowd sourcing”) is used to show users additional information about the websites visited (e.g. “The website visited uses 15% more trackers than comparable websites” or “87% of users classify this article as false information”).


The aim of the project “Digital fitness for citizens – realistic risk perception, secure routines”, DigiFit, is to develop a new concept for teaching digital skills in the areas of information security and data protection. The aim is to move away from today’s widespread security awareness campaigns towards communication that goes beyond risk perception and supports users in developing secure daily routines.


The “Resilient communication infrastructures for the healthcare sector”(HealthNet) project is developing technological solutions for trustworthy, secure and resilient communication networks in the hospital environment of the future. To this end, the researchers are building a framework for resilience. This is intended to protect critical medical data and digitally safeguard the condition of patients in intensive care units.


Mobile networks, especially the latest 5G generation, are essential for private and business applications as well as critical infrastructures and emergency communications. They facilitate the development of smart factories and support facilities such as university hospitals and airports in the implementation of private 5G networks. However, while these networks, which use web technologies such as HTTP/HTTPS, REST, OAUTH and technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, offer huge benefits, they also pose significant security risks. Precisely through the introduction of these technologies. The security testing of 5G networks is a challenge due to their complexity and the mixing of classic signaling technology with digital components. The aim of the project is to provide operators of 5G campus networks with a robust, scalable and easily accessible solution for better protection of their critical assets.


ecosys4you aims to investigate and promote the entrepreneurial initiative of young people in lesser-known European regions. Various players from the regional business ecosystems are involved. The aim is to analyze the potential of innovation resources in these ecosystems and to learn from each other based on best practices. Another aspect of the project is the development of an international training program for young people who want to show entrepreneurial initiative. Local start-ups are closely involved in program development. There is a particular focus on teaching digital skills, including cyber security awareness as a fundamental aspect of business development in the digital age.


Why research with us?

If you are interested in doing research with us as part of your studies, please send us an application. We always have exciting topics on our desk that we want to have investigated. Dr.-Ing. Matteo Große-Kampmann has already supervised a wide variety of theses at various universities and colleges as an external supervisor and has the necessary expertise and specialist knowledge to make your thesis a success. We currently have topics available in the following areas:

  • Research into new measurement approaches to understand the effectiveness of awareness measures
  • Development of innovative interventions in the area of awareness measures
  • Research into security and resilience in 5G/6G networks
  • Correctness and robustness of internet-wide measurements
  • Development of new attack vectors in the smart home, IoT and digital world in general