Create WIFI QR Code – for guests in your home network!

Create WIFI QR Code – for guests in your home network!

It is convenient if the camera can be used to scan the WIFI QR code to get into the WLAN. No annoying password entry. Finally, misunderstandings can be avoided. Dictating a 16-digit password can be annoying. Meanwhile there are several websites that allow you to easily create a QR code for the WLAN.

MyWIFISign – The comfortable version first incl. printout

A small website, which has made it its business to present the necessary information in the right place. At mywifisign.com you can enter the name of the network, i.e. the Network SSID. If a password regulates the access to the network, the password is entered in the second input field.

Create Wifi QR Code - first website
Create a WIFI QR Code easily

On the right side of the website you can interactively observe how the QR Code changes. It is recommended to test the WIFI QR Code before ordering numerous printouts. The WLAN must match exactly – otherwise it will not work. As soon as the test is passed, export or download the image, print it out and, if you like it, frame it. The data (SSID/PW) is, according to the developer, used exclusively for generating the QR code. Since this is a fairly uncritical application, and in addition often guest networks, the website can be used without much concern. If you prefer an open source solution, there is one.

qifi – pure JS WIFI QR Code Generator

Not quite as nicely designed and a bit more minimalist. The website qifi.org is interesting for all those who only need a WIFI QR Code – without much frills. Because that is exactly what the website does. Just enter the SSID, the encryption and the password – and afterwards you get the QR Code. Print directly or save it away – both is possible. Under Android and iOS, at least in the latest versions, this is no problem at all.

A WIFI QR Code can also be created using Open Source tools
A WIFI QR Code can also be created using Open Source tools

The owners of a FritzBox do not have to take the detour via a website. The whole thing is mit on board and can be triggered from the router’s menu. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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