– AWARE7 GmbH informs about who offers two-factor authentication!

M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski – AWARE7 GmbH informs about who offers two-factor authentication!

From now on it can be looked up under, which offerer provides which possibility with the two-factor authentication to announce itself – if it is offered at all.

The plus in IT security that everyone should make use of to protect their digital identity. Make it hard for criminals to get your data!

If the password does not disappear at least something must be added: The second factor!

The username and password were still a good way to register and log in in the early 90s. Meanwhile we are talking about artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and industry 4.0. The fact is, however, that the password from the 90s is still on our heels. A technology that should have worked with the 56k modem.

Numerous data thefts show that these trustworthy data are partially poorly protected. And if a password is stolen, you have to ask yourself whether the password also protects other accounts. A 20-digit, cryptic password is indeed difficult to remember. Then it’s better to have an 8-digit password with an additional factor. So that guessing passwords is not the only obstacle for attackers to overcome. provides an overview of who offers what!

If the security of your own accounts is worth something to you, it is worth taking a look at before registering. There you’ll get short and concise information about whether and how you can additionally secure your account.

An overview of who offers which two-factor authentication in the cloud memory segment. (Source:
An overview of who offers which two-factor authentication in the cloud memory segment. (Source:

A two-factor authentication protects the account significantly!

A < a href=""> 100 percent certainty is also not given for the second factor . However, this goal cannot be achieved either. However, as soon as you activate your second factor for Gmail, for example, you are more secure than 90% of the other accounts. Because your attacker doesn’t only need your password – he also needs another authentication feature.

If you have remembered your password, this is a feature. You know something – your password. The second factor is to activate another feature. This could be a biometric feature, for example. But ownership is also a feature. The former could be your fingerprint. The latter is a so-called token.

Everyone must find the suitable characteristics here for himself. The main thing is that it is used – and that is what it has to be offered for!

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