What is a live hacker? The keynote speakers from the computer science!

What is a live hacker? The keynote speakers from the computer science!

What exactly is a live hacker and where can I find suitable speakers for my event? This is a common question with which those responsible come to us. This field of activity is certainly not a classical job title – and rather suitable for computer scientists who like the stage!

A live hacker combines technical know-how with stage presence.

Meanwhile live hackers are booked at events of all kinds and often form the highlight of the day or evening. From medical congresses to family offices or the third grade of a primary school in Oberhausen. The field of work, the target group and the expectations vary. But that is exactly what makes this profession so appealing. The keynote speaker, who makes digitalisation tangible and can provide each individual participant* with valuable information in order to remain safe on the Internet in the future.

A large part of the work is preparation. On stage, the live hacker shows security holes and how they are exploited. The claim to the AWARE7 Live Hacker is that only current security holes and scams are shown. This makes more work in the general preparation and forces the whole team to be constantly informed and to reconstruct attacks – but we also see that this is appreciated by customers.

Different works flow into one keynote. A large part of the work involves preparation. This includes the classical software development that is done before. Hardening and isolation measures are also included. In a social and live hacking session, for example, we show how ransomware distribution methods are and how they affect the network. At these points it must be ensured that the malware does not break out under any circumstances. This effort is ongoing.

Preparatory measures for each individual presentation are also necessary. Ransomware should not be discussed everywhere. But cracking two-factor authentication is also not always desired. This red thread must be set anew for every show, for every lecture, for every impulse. The actual show is then the compact presentation of the preparation and individualisation. If you are interested in more information about the prices of a live hacking show, you can publicly view it here .

preparation is the A&O – without improvisation it still won’t work.

How many participants attend the event? Are they users or also software developers? Many questions are necessary to make the Live Hacking Show a successful event. With over 600 live hacking events, AWARE7 GmbH is a professional provider in this field. Live demonstrations require from the keynote speakers, most of them have studied computer science, an increased improvisation talent. Finally, the failure of the beamer or internet has to be compensated while at the same time working on problem solving. In the meantime, nobody should be disturbed. An important characteristic. Especially as a keynote speaker in the IT security sector!

Technical questions, security gaps and willingness to travel characterise the profession!

After a successful Live Hacking Show numerous questions and extensive answers follow. The time frame after a lecture does not always allow to answer the questions extensively. Therefore, an accumulated body of knowledge is suitable for interested parties. With us this is the Blog and the Download area. Among other things, this is where questions are answered that our live hackers ask at their shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and beyond.

Reliability, know-how and punctuality characterize the image of the Live Hacker.

Apart from the clients, we know no one on site. The audience has certain expectations. The hacking machine and hardware must be quickly brought into position ready to run and present. This challenge characterizes the job description of a live hacker. All the speakers answer the questions of the audience. These can usually be answered immediately. If not, the answer is delivered afterwards.

If the speaker was involved in various pentests before becoming a speaker, this helps immensely. The theoretical knowledge from projects at university or technical college form a good basis – but in the end a live hacking show helps people in practice.

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