We are members of the Alliance for Cyber Security!

M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski

We are members of the Alliance for Cyber Security!

AWARE7 GmbH is now an official member of the Alliance for Cyber Security! In order to do justice to the increasing social importance of IT security, solutions have to be worked on together.

In order to pass on our experience and thus support the work of the initiative, we have joined the alliance.

Comprehensive network for more cyber security!

The Alliance for Cyber Security network now has over 2,300 members. The last census took place in August 2017. The current politician Hack could make sure that the number of participants gets a boost – and that’s a good thing! Because the initiative bundles offers and offers assistance. For example, tips on how to protect oneself from emotifs, e.g. a>, are passed on.

The Federal Office for Information Security controls, administers and deals with the support of participants, partners and multipliers. The coordination of information and services is also the responsibility of the federal authority.

The Alliance for Cyber Security is a nationwide network!

Prevention, detection and reaction work better together than individually for each organization. No matter whether it is a widespread security hole, the next Ransomware or just a large-scale phishing campaign.

Knowledge silos, no matter in which form, are valuable for an individual company. But society and community can benefit more from shared knowledge. Especially the handling of cyber incidents is a taboo topic for many companies. The opportunity for trusting cooperation makes the Alliance for Cyber Security one of the most sensible initiatives in Germany.

We look forward to the future work of the Alliance for Cyber Security. We can’t be specialists in every field either – but we are happy to share our experience in awareness, staff training and threat scenarios with the other members of the alliance. A step that more companies and institutions have to take today in order to increase cyber security in Germany in the long term.

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M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski

My name is Chris Wojzechowski and I studied my Master in Internet Security in Gelsenkirchen a few years ago. I am one of two managing directors of AWARE7 GmbH and a trained IT Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz practitioner (TÜV) and possess the test procedure competence for § 8a BSIG. Our bread and butter business is performing penetration testing. We are also committed to promoting a broad understanding of IT security in Europe, which is why we offer the majority of our products free of charge.