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Hacker Shop – Buying hacking hardware

Hacker Shop – Buying hacking hardware

In a hacker shop you can buy ready-made hardware and software for attacking IT systems. The hardware can also save time and carry out complex work faster when carrying out a professional penetration test on site.

Having received the hardware without the explicit declaration of consent can have legal consequences. The different tools range from espionage to the wilful destruction of property.

Hak5 – the classic hacker shop

Explanations, videos, instructions and a serious looking online shop. With this, the US-based dealer for pentesting tools scores points. Among other things, the popular and well-known WiFi Pineapple is sold.

The modified router could be put into monitor mode without much effort. For newcomers to the field, it has therefore taken a lot of work off the hands and has enjoyed great popularity.

Meanwhile the Hacker Shop offers a whole arsenal. From the USB stick that registers as a keyboard (Rubber Ducky) to the manipulated iPhone charging cable everything is available in the shop. You can pay with Paypal. However, the delivery time should be taken into account. If you are in a hurry, you might be forced to choose the expensive express shipping.

Hacker Shop - hak5
At Hak5 different pentesting tools are available for everyone. Source: Screenshot

Hacker Warehouse – the digital grab box for hacking hardware

An extensive assortment is available in the Hacker Warehouse – the name says it all. Numerous different products are available here. For this already very special branch, the retailer also offers T-shirts and hoodies of special further education and training. But also buying bags is no problem.

Hacker Shop - Hacker Warehouse
In the Hacker Warehouse you can find everything from keygrabber to fan T-shirts. Source: Screenshot

Partly products from Hak5 are available here. So if someone needs hardware for an upcoming pentest, which is already sold out at Hak5, it’s worth a look into the Hacker Warehouse.

But also for people interested in lockpicking it might be worthwhile to visit the warehouse. There you can buy extensive sets for practice. Opening locks without a key is a popular skill training.

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More Information

lab401 – specialized chipper shop with extensive assortment

The Lab401 Hacker Shop can be found in France and has a very tidy but nevertheless extensive assortment. Especially when it comes to the investigation of technologies like RFID the shop scores.

For the RFID Pentester Pack you have to pay approx. 399 EUR – but it enables the otherwise time-consuming examination in less time.

RFID Pentester Pack - Im Hacker Shop 401
For about 399 EUR professional testers get a simple possibility to examine the RFID technology. Source: Screenshot

If you are frequently commissioned for the IT security inspection of hardware, the purchase can quickly pay for itself. But also here you can buy the hardware from the Hak5 Shop. If you order from Europe you might have to pay more for the product but less for the shipping.

The purchase of hacking hardware should be checked carefully

Even if the products are all exciting and the potential use is interesting, it should be noted: Without the declaration of consent, the use of the hardware is often not permitted and can have consequences.

For example, the wilful destruction of several PCs with the help of the USB killer brought one graduate 10 years in prison.

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