CYBERPFLEGE – simply delete accounts!

CYBERPFLEGE – simply delete accounts!

With CYBERPFLEGE, AWARE7 brings a free service to the start with the help of which you can easily delete accounts. The website provides information on whether it is possible to unsubscribe from services. But there are also other helpful links for many services. Use now for free – without registration.

Delete accounts now with CYBERPFLEGE!

“I get e-mails all the time! I would like to unsubscribe!” – The complaints of the spectators from our Live Hackings sound like this or something. The fact that unsubscribing from services is not always easy is shown by the call to the website. The pages are marked in different colours according to their difficulty.

Registration is often quick and uncomplicated. But unsubscribing is associated with high hurdles – if it is possible at all. A preventive approach is to look before registering how difficult or easy it is to unsubscribe from the service. We categorize in 4 steps:

  • Green: The unsubscription is easy to initiate after a registration
  • yellow: The deletion of the account is coupled with hurdles that make the process more difficult
  • Red: The customer support has to be contacted to delete his account
  • Black: A deregistration from the service is not possible or not easily possible

CYBERPFLEGE - delete accounts easily

First the login on a platform reveals how difficult it is to unsubscribe!

Register on a website for a fixed period of time. In today’s digital society a normal process. But when it comes to purifying your digital identity, it becomes difficult. Some services still refuse to delete data despite the DSGVO. For a preventive approach, there is now the service CYBERPFLEGE – which anyone can use free of charge.

There has been an American service for several years now. Many platforms are listed under justdelete.me. However, the data is outdated and in great need of revision. Since July 2017 not much has happened there. In addition, some providers from Europe and Germany are missing. We have added these to CYBERPFLEGE.

Before you register on a website, just have a look at the website. Thanks to the search function, you can quickly find out how demanding the deletion of data is. The service can also be used as a decision-making aid: Which e-mail provider should I go to? How do I really unsubscribe from social networks – and delete my accounts?

My website is not included! What should I do?

The staff of AWARE7 maintain the website. However, we do not check the links every day. Since providers often restructure menus, we ask for the help of users here. A brief note on what has changed would be helpful.

We will include these in the next update. Even if the website that you would like to have deleted is missing, we are grateful for a hint. We take a look at how easy or difficult it is to unsubscribe and deposit links, hints and difficulty level.

Have fun using CYBERPFLEGE!

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