AWARE7 is a participant in the Liftoff Accelerator Program of the foundation incubator Cube5!

AWARE7 is a participant in the Liftoff Accelerator Program of the foundation incubator Cube5!

We are pleased to announce that we have been accepted to participate in the Liftoff Program of the founding incubator cube5. We are part of the intensive training program for early stage cybersecurity startups! In the next 120 weeks we will be attending workshops, pitch days, a trade show at ITS.Connect 2019 and much more.

Liftoff – the powerful boost for young startups!

The start-up incubator supports young companies in its programme not with monetary means but with concentrated know-how. The participating companies are provided with coaches for 120 days. Questions need to be answered, inspiration sought? That is what the coaches are there for. But the experienced founders are also available for the mere exchange of experience. Questions about the company form, market size or processes for personnel recruitment? All questions where the coaches can support you.

coworking, exhibition stand and regular feedback rounds!

In addition to the coaches who are available to provide advice and support, the start-up programme offers further advantages which we will also be happy to take advantage of. These include, for example, a coworking place at Bochum’s main railway station. This is well connected and enables us to quickly take care of a few things before travelling.

The exhibition stand at the ITS.Connect 2019 is another highlight. At Germany’s largest job fair for IT security students at the Ruhr University Bochum, there is a good chance of filling vacant positions. If you don’t want to wait that long, take a look at our current job advertisements. The monthly feedback rounds also offer a good opportunity for exchange with the other startups. The tone in the program is cooperative. There are no prizes for anyone to win – no reason to show “challenge” character. You could feel that right on the first kick off day.

Liftoff – the AWARE7 GmbH is part of it!

We are looking forward to exciting 120 days! A great program to support young start-ups during the difficult start-up phase. We gladly take the opportunity and look forward to a Growth-Hacking Workshop on Friday from Hendrik Lennard. We will report!

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