AWARE7 GmbH takes part in the RSA conference in San Francisco!

AWARE7 GmbH takes part in the RSA conference in San Francisco!

The IT security industry meets in San Francisco for the RSA conference. About 45,000 participants will meet to discuss the topic that is responsible for the availability, confidentiality and integrity of data. The annual meeting has taken place since 1991 and this year AWARE7 GmbH is participating for the first time!

IT security professionals meet in San Francisco!

We are on site to present our Digital Risk Management platform. RiskRex has been developed from scratch for international use. Companies and other organizations can use this modern tool to identify human and technical vulnerabilities and to track their reduction and in the best case closure. The free registration has been running successfully since the beginning of the year. The Premium Version will be available shortly. With this version, companies will be able to download the extensive data sets.

RiskRex accesses hundreds of sources

Technical vulnerabilities are rarely used by attackers on first contact. Numerous studies say that 90% – 95% of cyber attacks are first directed at a human being. Technical and human vulnerabilities must therefore be thought of and presented together and be reduced or closed in a targeted manner. RiskRex fulfils this task. You can register free of charge and receive your IT security score. Please note that the individually triggered scan can take up to 4 hours. The assessment of your own IT security level is an essential part. A recently published study shows that every second company website is at risk.

Where does the name for the RSA conference come from?

The RSA cryptosystem is the name giver of the conference. The asymmetric method is used for encryption as well as for digital signing. The principle of two keys, one public and one private, has been widely used since the 1990s. The three letters come from the surnames of the inventors: Rivest, Shamir and Adleman. The modest Adleman did not even want to be mentioned at first. That is why the order of the letters is not alphabetical. The principle of the one-way function is the security anchor of today’s encryption and a component of numerous computer science courses, lectures and exams.

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Mein Name ist Chris Wojzechowski und ich habe vor wenigen Jahren meinen Master in Internet-Sicherheit in Gelsenkirchen studiert. Ich bin geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der AWARE7 GmbH und ausgebildeter IT-Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz Praktiker (TÜV) und besitze die Prüfverfahrenskompetenz für § 8a BSIG. Unser Brot und Buttergeschäft ist die Durchführung von Penetrationstests. Wir setzen uns darüber hinaus für ein breites Verständnis für IT-Sicherheit in Europa ein und bieten aus diesem Grund den Großteil unserer Produkte kostenfrei an.