AWARE7 GmbH is present at the Mobile World Congress 2020

M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski

AWARE7 GmbH is present at the Mobile World Congress 2020

At the end of February, a large part of the AWARE7 GmbH team will be going to Spain – we will be in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2020, a globally recognized mobile phone trade show where new smartphone flagships will be presented. We are on site with Riskrex and Live Hacking!

Mobile telephony is now omnipresent. But security holes, vulnerabilities and attacks have shaped the past. For this reason we have decided to exhibit at MWC 2020. In addition to pure exhibition space, we have also been able to occupy numerous live hacking slots on stages. The slots for the English-language presentations can be viewed on our website at a later date.

Digital Risk Management at the Mobile World Congress 2020

The risk management tool we have developed will also be presented in detail at MWC 2020. As the platform has been developed in English from the outset, international presence will not pose any problems. Are you also at the MWC in Barcelona? Come and visit us – and carry out a scan on site, which will tell you your security score. You can take the first recommendations for action directly with you.

Live Hacking in English and on Spanish soil!

We are especially happy about the opportunity to present numerous lectures and live hacking shows. The fraud and victim search of cyber criminals takes place internationally – so why not also the live hacking shows of AWARE7 GmbH?

From 3GSM became the Mobile World Congress!

In 1987 the first fair took place in London. But also in Madrid and Canne the event, which attracts worldwide interest, has already taken place. It was even once up for discussion that the Mobile World Congress, as it has been called since 2008, should be held in Munich. Until 2023, however, Barcelona will be the venue. In the past, smartphones from Samsung, Sony, HTC and Huawei were regularly presented. The first rumors of new technologies and strategies of the manufacturers are already emerging.

We are looking forward to participating and are excited about the contacts made, technologies discovered and experiences exchanged!

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M.Sc. Chris Wojzechowski

My name is Chris Wojzechowski and I studied my Master in Internet Security in Gelsenkirchen a few years ago. I am one of two managing directors of AWARE7 GmbH and a trained IT Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz practitioner (TÜV) and possess the test procedure competence for § 8a BSIG. Our bread and butter business is performing penetration testing. We are also committed to promoting a broad understanding of IT security in Europe, which is why we offer the majority of our products free of charge.