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AWARE7 GmbH at the it-sa 2019!

AWARE7 GmbH at the it-sa 2019!

At the beginning of October, the IT security industry will meet at it-sa 2019 – and this year AWARE7 GmbH will also be present. Own booth, Live Hacking Shows & an experience project for the increase of IT security awareness. Visit us at booth 10.0-520!

Nuremberg is the hub of the IT security industry at the beginning of October!

The it-sa 2019 takes place regularly over three days at the beginning of October, the European Cyber Security Month. From our point of view it is a perfect time to find out how the industry is positioned nationally and internationally. Our participation under the flag of the Institute for Internet Security in recent years has confirmed each year anew how increasingly important the fair is becoming.

We talk about new threats and scams, successful approaches to raising awareness and established service and project business such as penetration testing.

Our partner is the isits AG from Bochum!

Together with our partner, isits AG from Bochum, we are on site. At it-sa 2018 the idea for the foundation of AWARE7 GmbH was born. A lot has happened since then. Our team now consists of 12 people. With the expertise of isits AG we will be present at this year’s it-sa 2019 and present modern and alternative approaches for employee training and sensitization.

Visit us at stand 10.0-520 and let a Live Hacking Event convince you why a young, dynamic team is the right choice for your next awareness campaign.

The Live Hacking Show at it-sa 2019!

In short time blocks we present our Live Hacking Show at the it-sa 2019. We would be pleased to design your individual, adapted awareness campaign together with you.

In addition to live hacking, we also present our b2b Digital Risk Management Platform – initially for SMEs. Come and visit us at booth 10.0-520 and do a demo together with us.

We are looking forward to numerous conversations and a successful fair!

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Chris Wojzechowski

Mein Name ist Chris Wojzechowski und ich habe vor wenigen Jahren meinen Master in Internet-Sicherheit in Gelsenkirchen studiert. Ich bin geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der AWARE7 GmbH und ausgebildeter IT-Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz Praktiker (TÜV) und besitze die Prüfverfahrenskompetenz für § 8a BSIG. Unser Brot und Buttergeschäft ist die Durchführung von Penetrationstests. Wir setzen uns darüber hinaus für ein breites Verständnis für IT-Sicherheit in Europa ein und bieten aus diesem Grund den Großteil unserer Produkte kostenfrei an.