Jonas Poenicke


The problem with IPv4 addresses and why there are none anymore

Have you ever heard that IPv4 addresses are slowly but surely running out or have already run out? The topic is more topical than ever and IPv6 is already on everyone’s lips. But what exactly does this mean for you and your company? What is the significance of IPv6 in … continue reading

Install Kali Linux and set up your own Hacking Lab

If you want to get to know the basics of IT security and pentesting, it is convenient that Kali Linux comes with a Linux distribution that includes a lot of tools. At the latest when the first basics are learned, you want to test them right away. That’s why we’ll look at how to install Kali Linux and set up your own small hacking lab.

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Instagram Security Tool Pysa – Facebook publishes Sourcecode

In order to check their own software for security relevant errors and security holes, the developers of Instagram use the security tool Pysa (this is the name it unfavorably shares with ransomware). The source code for this tool has now been disclosed and made freely available to Facebook.

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Firewall for macOS – looking at two Open Source options

Most users use a variety of apps and programs on their computer, but few of them really need an Internet connection. If you want to prevent usage data from leaving your computer unsolicited, you can use a firewall that blocks outgoing connections. We have taken a closer look at two options for an open source firewall for macOS.

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Off-Facebook Activity – more privacy for users?

Announced in May 2018, the new feature to control off-Facebook activity has been available to the whole world on Facebook since January 2020. Is the new feature a revelation for the privacy of Facebook users or just a small step towards data sovereignty?

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