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7 golden rules for group chat in WhatsApp

7 golden rules for group chat in WhatsApp

Almost everyone knows large and confusing groups in the popular Messenger WhatsApp. To ensure that all group members can be included and the group discussion does not end in chaos, we have summarized the rules for group chat in WhatsApp.

The 7 most important rules for group chat in WhatsApp

  • No spamming: Write a message to the group only if the content makes sense and advances the discussion. This prevents too many messages from accumulating, which in case of doubt cannot all be reworked.
  • No insults: This point can already be justified by pure common sense. As in real life, you should not insult others or speak about other blasphemers. There should be no insults or blasphemy in a WhatsApp group either.
  • No bullying: In a WhatsApp group, there should be no bullying in addition to insults. This means that anyone in the group can comment on a topic etc. without other group members responding by occasionally excluding or bullying members.
  • Keep a low profile: This is especially true for WhatsApp groups where not all participants know each other. In such cases you should rather behave inconspicuously, because the more information you give of yourself, the more attractive you make yourself for e.g. bullying.
  • Express yourself sensibly: A good expression includes, for example, a message without mistakes. Messages that contain spelling mistakes can easily annoy other group members. Besides the correct spelling, you should also make sure that the expressions are understood by everyone. Try to avoid ambiguities or “insiders” (messages that only a small part of the group understands), as this only leads to unnecessary discussions.
  • No chain letters: This point is a supplement to the first point. Chain letters or repetitions of content should be avoided. This will only result in more messages that are of no use in terms of content, so chain letters, for example, should only be sent privately and not in a group.
  • Observe the right to one’s own picture: Do not send pictures without the consent of the persons to be seen on them. If you disregard this rule, you violate the right to your own picture. You should never violate this right, not even outside of a group chat, but especially in a group chat such images are distributed very quickly.
100 Messages WhatsApp
These rules can be used to prevent a large number of messages from being received. (Source: https://twitter.com/matt_lissack/status/1156293954834501633)

Select administrator to enforce rules

In many cases it can be helpful to specify an administrator. For example, this person can ensure that group members cannot write to everyone at all times. In addition to the rules for a group chat in WhatsApp, an administrator ensures order. An example for a school class that is organized in a WhatsApp group is to define the teacher as administrator and for example set the times when something can be written to the group from 8:00 to 16:00.

This is just an example of a rule that can be easily controlled by administrators. Conflicts that arise between group members can be solved by the administrator and the other group members are not necessarily disturbed.

If the rules listed above are observed and enforced by an administrator, nothing stands in the way of a productive and informative WhatsApp group.

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