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Windows Defender – is free virus protection enough?

Windows Defender – is free virus protection enough?

Free virus protection from Microsoft has come a long way. For years it was ridiculed. And not without reason. It simply wasn’t good protection for a long time. But what can free virus protection do today?

Must money be put on the table for virus protection?

As soon as Windows is used, virus protection is mandatory. Most attacks still target Microsoft’s operating system. This is partly due to the high market share. A few can manage completely without virus protection, but this is not recommended for the general public. Since the range of anti-virus software is extensive, and ranges from free of charge to a hundred euros, the question is justified as to whether one also has to pay money for good protection. Several testing institutions and trade journals have now come to the conclusion that this is not the case:

Windows Defender offers good basic protection. Thanks to its deep integration into the system, it is more resource-efficient and less conspicuous than many other virus scanners.

Free virus protection – additional functions and customization options are scarce!

If the basic protection is enough for you, Windows Defender is the best choice. A protection against Ransomware rounds the offer off. Document folders can then only be modified by software that has been granted this right. But those who need further functions quickly reach their limits with the on-board resources.

Free third-party virus scanners always require compromises. Either advertising is displayed or the range of functions is limited. If Windows Defender is not enough for you at the end of the day as free virus protection, we recommend putting money on the table. Not because the detection then works better, but because possible security gaps and gateways, such as advertising, are closed.

Cost-based anti-virus software becomes interesting with additional functions!

Windows Defender provides protection against Trojans, viruses and ransomware. Exceptions confirm the rule – because even the latest Trojan can only be detected once it has been detected. Although there are new approaches to detecting malware, they still have to prove themselves.

But as soon as someone wants to protect his wallet, wants to have special protection when surfing the Internet or explicitly wants to protect the online banking area from banking Trojans, he can resort to anti-virus software and should also be willing to pay some money. This is where Windows Defender still shows deficits – and leaves the field of specialized anti-virus solutions to the developers.

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