We are at the BOE International in Dortmund – booth 5.C24!

We are at the BOE International in Dortmund – booth 5.C24!

The new year starts directly with a very exciting fair – the BOE International in Dortmund – the trade fair for experiential marketing. AWARE7 GmbH will be there for the first time and will present itself mainly with Live Hacking & Cyber Security Shows.

Experience IT-Security – independent of industry and sector

Computer science now permeates all areas of life. But where digitalisation takes place, modern criminals also have the opportunity to attack. And we have demonstrated these attacks more than 400 times in 2019. Since we are often represented at trade fairs, including, for example, Didacta 2019 in Cologne, we have often had the opportunity in the past to find out to what extent the live hacking falls within the field of experience marketing.

Experience IT in an entertaining way and take away an added value from the event. A plus for all spectators – regardless of the industry! On site we have handouts, tips and tricks to answer questions and take information home or to the company.

The BOE International has been taking place since 1998. With 650 exhibitors you will find all kinds of experiences on site – which “unfortunately” are only reserved for trade visitors. The annual fair lasts two days and will be held in Dortmund in 2020. For us it is of course a home game – even if we have to travel to the forbidden city for it. Admission to the opening hours from 10:00 to 18:00 h or on the second day until 17:00 h is already available for 20,00 EUR. Discounted tickets are available for students, pupils & trainees.

experience IT security at the BOE International!

The Live Hacking from the AWARE7 GmbH is now integrated between training, further education and the management of Erlebnismarketing. We are looking forward to the performance on stage and on the booth – and of course we are curious about the audience. The two days in Dortmund are supported by numerous employees of AWARE7 GmbH. Come and visit us on both days – at booth 5.C24!

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Chris Wojzechowski

Mein Name ist Chris Wojzechowski und ich habe vor wenigen Jahren meinen Master in Internet-Sicherheit in Gelsenkirchen studiert. Ich bin geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der AWARE7 GmbH und ausgebildeter IT-Risk Manager, IT-Grundschutz Praktiker (TÜV) und besitze die Prüfverfahrenskompetenz für § 8a BSIG. Unser Brot und Buttergeschäft ist die Durchführung von Penetrationstests. Wir setzen uns darüber hinaus für ein breites Verständnis für IT-Sicherheit in Europa ein und bieten aus diesem Grund den Großteil unserer Produkte kostenfrei an.