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The IT-Security Trends 2019 – that comes to us!

The IT-Security Trends 2019 – that comes to us!

What are the IT Security Trends 2019? Numerous companies, bloggers and other IT security-savvy people are currently asking themselves this question and the corresponding answers.

Is everything true? Not at all important – but it does show an assessment of where we stand today and what the writers believe is possible. We want to join this – these are our trends!

Our Top 3 IT Security Trends 2019!

1. The human being moves further into focus.

The firewall is set up, the guidelines are maintained, the antivirus software is up to date. And in the other corner is Dave. And Dave is the real problem. He is the so-called DAU. The acronym stands for “Dümmster anzunehmender User”. Not quite nice for the person who is not familiar with the IT world.

In the past two years, companies have taken up the challenge. Training, Awareness campaigns and information material are good opportunities to create and expand knowledge. But still it is difficult to arrange the success of such campaigns measurable, seizable and lastingly. One of our IT Security Trends 2019 is therefore that successful attacks in which human weaknesses are exploited are increasing.

2. Data theft is and remains a major problem!

Stealing data has been a problem for everyone involved for years. Companies earn millions, if not billions, from collecting and processing data – no one should be surprised that this treasure trove of gold is also of interest to criminals. For this reason, considerable data theft occurred in 2018.

In Germany, two cases in particular have caused a stir:

  1. The data theft at
    The chat platform has had extensive datasets stolen. This is the first known case in which a company has been asked to pay for a data theft – in accordance with the Basic Data Protection Regulation which came into force on 25 May 2005.
  2. The data outflow at the domain factory
    Buy, manage and transfer domains. Everything is possible with the Domainfactory. Badly only if a feed, over which extensive customer data could be intercepted, gets into foreign hands. The motivation to release the feed was by the way DSGVO.

But Marriott and Quora also caused a stir internationally in the last quarter of 2018. In total, more than 700 million accounts have been affected. When few platforms collect a lot of data, the responsibility is great. Not all companies live up to this responsibility. Data theft is therefore the second of our IT security trends for 2019.

3. interfaces, internet of things and software quality!

Sounds like three points – but in the end they come together and cause problems for many. For example, APIs 2019 will not become less important – quite the opposite. Many platforms vie for user attention – and if you’re not one of the Big Four, it’s a good way to open up to other platforms and provide interfaces. But these interfaces should be carefully reviewed and secured. We have already noticed in 2018 that it is there that the rabbit is often in the rabbit hole.

And the Internet of Things should not be missing from our forecast either. Especially when many low-performance devices are collected in a botnet, it can become a problem for everyone. Services necessary for the Internet, such as DNS provider, can be removed from the network by DDoS attacks. Although this primarily results in financial damage, the IT trends for the coming years are turning science fiction film scenarios into reality. One keyword at this point is autonomous driving.

Last but not least there is the software quality. In some industries, the challenge is greater than in others. For example, there are established software development methods in the aerospace industry that ensure improved software quality. However, regular software studios are far away from these methods – but they themselves are not necessarily to blame. The price war among companies ensures the appropriate level: as much IT security as the client pays. Our IT Security Trends 2019 describe at selected points the lack of software quality that leads to security deficiencies and to the exploitation of these weak points.

None of these problems can be solved at short notice. However, this shows that the area is extensive, the challenges complex and the cooperation of many is necessary to keep the criminal energy of a few at bay. These are our IT Security Trends 2019, which will probably catch up with us in 2020 and beyond. But then we will read again, hopefully eliminate challenges and possibly pick up new, hitherto unknown problems.

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