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RISKREX – Test our digital risk management platform

RISKREX – Test our digital risk management platform

Modern crime is increasingly shifting to the Internet and hits companies of all sizes and industries with full force – a modern digital risk management tool helps to recognize the attack potential of your company at an early stage, to check suppliers and to close and reduce security gaps on a technical and human basis in a traceable manner.

Over 250 sources are tapped for Digital Risk Management

What can criminals see? What data is available from the company? Are there critical security gaps? What can be done to position the company well against cyber attacks?

All these questions are answered by our digital risk management platform RISKREX. At regular intervals, you will find the latest information here. RISKREX does not just focus on technical features. The analysis also includes the examination of human factors.

Often the human factor is the door opener – with RISKREX you handle this

The organization chart is rarely revealed. Documents intended for the intranet should stay there. However, there are costly ways to reliably collect this information. With RISKREX, you can save yourself a significant amount of analysis, up to and including complete automation. We present your human attack potential to you. Take advantage of our recommendations for action and then reduce your human and technical attack potential.

The first analysis with RISKREX is free of charge and can be used by anyone!

The analysis is based on the domain in the first step. As usual for attackers, we automatically start the analysis without any prior knowledge – similar to a black box investigation. After a short time you will receive the first results of the analysis. The next step is to view and evaluate the results.

You should maintain close contact with your IT department. Critical security gaps should be closed, if possible without affecting the production system. E-mail servers and even hosted cloud storage are among the most popular areas for analysis.

Digital Risk Management – try RISKREX now for free!

Starting 15.01 you have the possibility to access the advanced technology by registering on our website. Since this is a freemium version, you can use and try the software at your leisure. We will be happy to help you explain it and help you get the most out of the software. For more information, see Digital Risk Management and RISKREX.

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