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New Emotet campaign works with links on websites!

New Emotet campaign works with links on websites!

Newly, numerous CERTs, companies and organizations are recording a new emotet campaign that work with links to websites and download malware there. The consequences are encrypted data and horrendous ransom demands. Prevention is still the best protection.

Company networks are covered by the new Emotet campaign.

It is the nightmare for every company: When nothing works anymore because the IT has failed. Emotet is characterized by working with so-called dynamite phishing mails. We had already described this special type in an earlier blog post. However, the way it works is effective and requires increased attention in everyday life, not clicking on the appropriate links.

In the past, the Berlin Supreme Court has been the victim of the sophisticated malware. In the middle of October it was confirmed that the emergency operation at the court will last until 2020. Computers are currently used exclusively from typewriters. The head of the court admitted that the own IT was not so “trimmed” to withstand the attacks from the outside. The new installation of virus protection is now an obligatory measure, but only part of the solution.

For a high level of IT security, the human being is a decisive factor.

Emails that flutter into the mailbox on behalf of colleagues and friends are less sceptical. Being skeptical all day is also not a recommended setting. The attack vectors of the criminals change however only rarely. This knowledge enables every user to reliably assess their own risk, recognize phishing mails and report them accordingly.

A reworked Emotet Campaign also finds its place in our Live Hacking Shows. How are e-mails sent, received and above all: How can Emotet e-mails be reliably recognized? To all these questions we give answers and further tips and tricks to avoid damage by Emotet.

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