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Manipulated iPhone charger cable now for sale!

Manipulated iPhone charger cable now for sale!

A manipulated iPhone charging cable brings along various dangerous attack scenarios and transmits data via WLAN up to 90 meters home. It takes quite a bit of creativity to create products that hardly cause scepticism and are often and gladly used. But this is exactly what security researcher Mike Grover has succeeded in doing. With a charging cable from USB-A to Lightning.

As long as the cable is plugged in, the attacker can make entries

Whether it connects to a Mac or Windows PC, it works on both systems. The tampered cable, indistinguishable from standard cables, logs on to the computer as a keyboard. Attackers can now make entries on the computer at a maximum distance of 90 metres. But tricks such as displaying a false lock screen also ensure that potential victims disclose their own PIN. As soon as the cable is pulled, the attack stops. But for this, the attack must be detected. Unlike former software bugs under iOS.

The cable was presented in detail at Defcon 2019. Already at that time the cable was much discussed. It was only available in small quantities. Especially with regard to social engineering attacks, an iPhone charging cable is a perfect camouflage. Why not count them as scarce goods and they are needed everywhere else all the time.

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The manipulated iPhone charging cable is now available in stores

Among other things, the cable was made to show very clearly that it is not a good idea to plug in foreign hardware in an uncontrolled way. The message is clear “don’t just take any charger and plug it into your computer! Meanwhile the charger cable is available at the Online-Shop Hak5, which is specialized on hacking gadgets. But for the small purse the purchase is nothing. The white charging cable is available from 120 USD. On Lightning you are not limited USB-A to USB-C or USB-A to Micro-USB is also available. The cable is called “O.MG Cable” (Offensive MG).

OM G Kabel frei zum Verkauf - manipuliertes iPhone Ladekabel
Zu teuer für ein normales Ladekabel. Das manipulierte iOS Ladekabel startet bei 119.99 USD (Quelle: Screenshot

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