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How to work safely on the go – 5 tips from AWARE7!

How to work safely on the go – 5 tips from AWARE7!

It is now standard to work on the road. In almost every train or plane people are sitting in front of laptops working. Whether it’s just retrieving e-mails or coordinating appointments, these types of data should not fall into the wrong hands. All you have to do is follow our tips so that you can work on the road and prevent your data from being tapped.

1. The correct use of WIFI hot spots

You can find them everywhere and meanwhile almost every train is equipped with a public WIFI hot spots. We already reported on the use of this type of Internet access last year. If you regularly use open WIFI hot spots, you should read the entire article and apply the tips listed there.

In short, it is important that you connect to the right hot spot. The name or a login window are not sufficient authentications. Since you are in a public network you should assume that everything can potentially be read by someone else. Accordingly, sensitive actions such as online banking should be avoided.

Pay special attention to dubious links or warning messages. Avoid surfing on HTTP pages and rename your device so that no personal details are integrated (default Apple name: Iphone from Jan).

2. Never leave your devices unattended

Always keep an eye on your technical equipment to protect it from theft. If there is no other way than to leave your technical equipment unattended, such as going to the toilet, you should protect it with passwords or PINs.

3. Do not allow a view of your screen

There are two ways to make sure that no one can look over your shoulder:

Use privacy filters for your screen. This filter blackens the image for people who are not sitting right in front of the screen. (Available for about 30€).
Choose a seat that does not allow strangers to look at your screen unnoticed. Seats at the window are ideal for this, as people in the aisle cannot see the screen.

4. Call as anonymously as possible

During telephone calls, the entire train compartment inevitably listens in. As a rule, we recommend that you postpone telephone calls as far as possible, as you may disturb other people, among other things. If it is not possible to postpone the call, you should avoid mentioning sensitive data. This includes full names, telephone numbers, company names or company-related data.

5. Carry out updates before you start your journey

Updates are used to close security gaps among other things. Since you are always a potential target in a public network, you should ensure that known security gaps are closed with current updates.

Try to do as much offline work as possible on the road so you don’t have to connect to a public network.
If you use the tips listed above, you can work safely on the road but we recommend that you use sensitive data as sparingly as possible in public networks.

(Source: Kaspersky)

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