Have black and white images colorized automatically!

Have black and white images colorized automatically!

To colorize black and white images is usually associated with a lot of effort. Photoshop experts devote hours to the sensible choice of colors. In the end the work is impressive, but it is not an option to colorize the many dusty black and white pictures of the grandparents.

The color gives the pictures an impression of the present time. Meanwhile black and white pictures can be colorized with the help of the internet. Algorithmia provides a web app that allows you to do just that. For this purpose a Deep Learning Software is used. The results are quite impressive!

Colorize black and white photos – Deep Learning Software makes it possible!

The application of being able to colorize black and white photos is a nice example of the fact that it does not always have to be a technical application when using Deep Learning software. In this example, the coloring of the photos themselves is something for the great-grandmother.

Only few people can afford to have a whole photo collection colorized by hand. There are very few free tools that work automatically and well. Often you still have to help manually.

Jetzt Fotos kostenfrei kolorieren lassen
The black and white photos can be easily uploaded. Afterwards they will be colored. Source: Screenshot Algorithmia.com

Algorithmia is a platform for the exchange of algorithms. Algorithms can be bought and sold there. With the Deep Learning Software to colorize the black and white images, the platform attracts attention accordingly. The result can be compared well. After uploading the picture, the before/after effect can be checked with a slider.

Schwarz weiss Bilder automatisch kolorieren lassen
Ein schwarz weiß Bild zu kolorieren ist aufwändig. Algorithmia erledigt dies mtihilfe von Software automatisch. (Quelle: Screenshot: demos.algorithmia.com)

Fazit zur automatisierten Kolorierung von Bildern

The web application of Algorithmia is not only a nice toy, but also makes sense. Now you have a reason to scan the photos of your grandparents. By colorizing the pictures you can give them a different perspective, even if the black and white pictures can be quite charming. More beautiful examples are shown by the developers. They also explain how the coloration works through the algorithm.

If you don’t have any black and white images available, we advise against downloading an image from a search engine by chance. On the one hand, this can lead to downloading malware. On the other hand, it could also be a copyrighted work. In any case, it is worth testing the examples given! However, if you have a website on which images are uploaded, you should always be aware that this data leaves your home computer and is stored on external servers for processing.

PS. Developers* can use the platform to integrate it into their own products. The platform provides an interface in the form of an API for this purpose. Smaller development teams benefit from this, as the underlying algorithms are quite sophisticated and extensive.

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