Dubious craftsmen – that’s how they recognize fraudsters!

Dubious craftsmen – that’s how they recognize fraudsters!

Dubious craftsmen turn an emergency into a disaster. Have you locked yourself out or is the dishwasher clogged? In such or similar problems many people turn to a professional craftsman. Like many other companies, craft companies also advertise on the Internet.

But how do I recognize a frivolous craft enterprise and what do I do if I have sat on a fraud?

No bill? These are the stitches of criminal craftsmen!

The target group of dubious craftsmen are people who find themselves in an emergency situation and can only invest a limited amount of time in the research of a craftsman. In moments when one has locked oneself out or is fighting with a clogged washing machine, help is needed as quickly as possible.

Exactly for this case criminal Internet sides provide, on which they recruit with a 24h service and very favorable prices. If you contact this company by phone, you will usually get to a call centre that manages several websites that all offer dubious services. During the phone call you will be offered a cheaper price because the craftsman is supposed to be near you.

If the craftsman stands now before your house, he demands frequently clearly higher money sums than before agreed upon. Here the criminal uses the fact that you are in an emergency situation and are dependent on a craftsman. In addition, the dubious craftsmen often require a cash payment so that the entire process can be carried out without an invoice or receipt.

How to protect yourself long-term against dubious craftsmen

Basically, we advise you to save reputable companies with which you have had positive experiences in the past in the phone book. In this way you can plan for the long term and be well prepared for many emergencies.

However, if none of these stored companies offers an emergency service, or if the mobile phone is not ready while you need a craftsman, look for a company near you. Regional companies offer the security of social pressure as you risk your reputation with bad or fraudulent work.

Checklist – that’s how you unmask the dubious craftsmen!

A dubious website can be checked for the following points:

  1. Is there an imprint?
    If there is no imprint, you do not know with whom you enter a contract and have to do it – very dubious!
  2. Do you have a serious telephone number?
    If the telephone number does not have a local area code, but 0800 or 032, the headquarters cannot be located. Be skeptical!
  3. is another company answering the phone number, or no company?
    This indicates a large administration across several companies. Ask for more details!
  4. Does the company only have good ratings?
    Often dubious companies falsify your ratings in order to make a good impression. Critically review the ratings!

If the company fails at one or more of the points listed above, better reconsider your selection and look for a craftsman in your local area! At first glance, the websites look serious. In some cases, however, a click on “Imprint” will take you back to the homepage!

A dubious craftsman can be checked at the following points:

  1. Is the cost estimate significantly higher than agreed on the phone?
    The craftsman uses possibly your emergency situation!
  2. Is the estimate verbal and does the craftsman not offer any form of receipt or invoice?
    The craftsman would like to carry out the service without guarantee. Insist on a proof!
  3. Is only the cash payment offered to you?
    The craftsman wants to remain anonymous!

Make the above points suspicious of a craftsman – make a note of the number plate. Contact the police in an emergency!

Are you a craftsman yourself and would like to secure your infrastructure? Read gladly our free Lecturer manual net security for craftsmen and crafts enterprises. If you remain further distrustful opposite cheap offers and consider the Tipps specified above, do not fall you on this cheeky fraud mesh!

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