Cyber Team Challenge – Next Level Security Awareness!

Cyber Team Challenge – Next Level Security Awareness!

In the Cyber Team Challenge created by us, your employees* will learn and experience first-hand how critical IT security incidents can be – but also how to protect yourself and the company.

In doing so, we take up the well-known and popular concept of an escape room and merge it with our many years of experience in training employees in the field of IT security.

The mobile solution to make IT security a tangible experience!

While traditional Escape Rooms are built and designed stationary, it was clear from the beginning with the Cyber Team Challenge to change the way IT security is trained throughout Europe. That’s why our Escape Room is designed to be a converted Airstream trailer ready for use anywhere. The participantsinnen save travel time, accommodation costs and daily flat rates.

We are able to add or remove different puzzles depending on which IT security aspects you want to focus on. Your speed dial of the IT security officer should appear in the Cyber Team Challenge and contribute to the solution? We will be happy to customize the puzzles for your company.

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More Information

What is behind an Escape Room?

The principle of an escape room is quickly explained. A small group of people (usually 3-8) are locked up in a room. Now the task is to open the door in a given time, solve a big puzzle or find a certain information. Here the way is quite clearly the goal – because without teamwork and communication only the fewest Escape Rooms can be solved. Even the Cyber Team Challenge can only be mastered in a team.

The types of tasks are very different, but mostly they work with combination locks and other “logical” puzzles. In the Cyber Team Challenge, everyday technology must be used. Visiting an Escape Room is not only fun, but also promotes the team spirit of each group member. For this reason, setting up the Cyber Team Challenge is suitable for all kinds of public and internal events.

After the Challenge is before the Challenge!

Your employees have successfully solved the challenge? Wonderful! After the 30 – 45 minutes long experience, we talk in the team about what had to be done and how the problem could be solved.

Build up your skills now. Make sure you have an event, whether it’s a company celebration or a Security Awareness Day, that remains in your memory.

The Cyber Team Challenge at a customer’s site.

The Cyber Team Challenge at it-sa2019 in Nuremberg!

The best comes to the end – and that’s how it is today. Because every visitor of the IT-SA fair is able to try out our new IT-Security Awareness Event in a shortened version at the fair. Just visit us at our booth in hall 10.0 / 10.0.520 and learn more about this innovative training opportunity.

Find out more now at cyberteamchallenge.com!

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