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Cyber Security Studies – these three courses of study are recommended!

Cyber Security Studies – these three courses of study are recommended!

Finding the right cyber security course is no longer easy. Only a few years ago the selection was manageable and made the choice easy. In the meantime numerous organizations offer further education and training. If you want to gain a professional foothold in the cyber security sector, you can lay the foundation for this by choosing the right course of study. We present suitable, 6-semester courses of study.

The specialized Cyber Security Study of the Westfälische Hochschule

The best feedback can be given by the person who made it. We can provide a lot of information about the Master of Science in Internet Security. Some of the employees* of AWARE7 GmbH have completed their bachelor and/or master studies at the Westfälische Hochschule. It is particularly noticeable that the practical part of this course of studies is equivalent to that of a university of applied sciences. The close cooperation with the Institute for Internet Security is beneficial for the added value of the studies.

It is therefore easy for students to find a part-time job at the institute in order to gain practical scientific experience. The study itself concentrates on special contents in the master’s degree. In modules such as Intelligent Systems or Data Protection and Ethics, students learn to see things from a different perspective. Know-how that is regularly in demand in practice.

Numerous projects, specialisations and seminars enable students to complete the course with their own interests.  Modern topics such as Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence can be chosen, worked on and knowledge can be deepened. In cooperation with the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum a doctorate can be pursued afterwards. Those who want to do their Master’s at a university are also in good hands at the RUB.

Specialised in IT Security – The Bachelor and Master IT Security / Information Technology

If you are looking for a solid Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in the field of Cyber Security, you will quickly find it at the RUB. Often the specialisation in the field of IT security falls within the scope of a master’s degree course. In Bochum, however, there is also a Bachelor’s degree course specialising in IT security. In the winter semester you can start to deal with topics such as post-quantum cryptography or public key encryption. The course of studies imparts important know-how to gain a foothold in the cyber security sector after graduation.

The Master IT Security / Information Technology is not the only one available in Bochum. Especially for students from other universities or other fields of study the Master “Networks and Systems” is offered.

Another course of studies in Bochum – IT Security / Networks and Systems

The Study course IT Security /Networks and Systems at the Ruhr University Bochum is designed for students who want to deal with IT security in their Master’s degree but have had little contact with this subject area before. Students who have already studied IT security at the RUB in their Bachelor’s degree are therefore not included in this Master’s programme.

Many of the subjects offered in the “Networks and Systems” Master’s programme are similar to the basic subjects of the RUB Bachelor’s programme. This is also intended to provide all students with a sound and fundamental knowledge in the areas of cryptography, system and network security.

A doctorate is of course also possible at the RUB. Those who prefer to start directly in the economy will also be supported. Once a year, the university offers a job fair for graduates and students which focuses solely on the topic of IT security. At this fair you can also meet any company that is known in the field of IT security. From Google to KPMG to AWARE7, the “Who is Who” of the industry meets there.

Cyber Security Study – Many ways lead to the goal

Besides these two ways described here, there are many other ways to deal with the topic of IT security. However, if you are interested in an academic career, we can only recommend the Ruhr area with the Westfälische Hochschule and the Ruhr Universität Bochum. Besides these, there are also many opportunities to get a closer look at this industry with the many IT security companies in the Ruhr area.

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