Dr. Matteo Große-Kampmann

Windows Active Directory Hardening - 7 Tipps

Active Directory: Secure the gateway

Active Directory is a network service used in a Windows domain. It is used to manage user and computer accounts and groups in a domain. In addition, other information such as services, network devices and network services can also be stored in an Active Directory domain. Active Directory is a … continue reading


Phishing 4.0: New level through AI

Phishing is still on everyone’s lips, and the threat landscape has changed for a number of reasons. Phishing is a type of digital attack that uses fraudulent emails or websites to trick users into revealing personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers. Phishing attacks are often difficult to … continue reading

Contactless Payments – but secure!

Contactless payment is on the rise. It works in seconds and is available at more and more locations. This is made possible by so-called Near Field Communication (NFC). This works with EC and credit cards, but also with mobile devices such as smartphones or intelligent watches.

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What does a hacker do?

What does a hacker do and what is hacking actually? There are no fixed definitions, but Wikipedia defines “hacking” as a measure to manipulate or completely break security mechanisms of a system. With this approach unforeseen ways of manipulating or attacking a system can be found.

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Office 365 Security Basics

Office 365 is not only the next version of the “Office Package”, but it bundles different applications and services from Microsoft to represent a digitalized office. Central business functions are Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Exchange. Teams is a chat program, SharePoint is used to manage knowledge within a company and … continue reading

Emerging Home Office Risks

Home office is becoming more and more popular due to current events revolving around COVID-19. Around the world, companies and governments are rapidly taking responsible measures to protect the health of their employees and citizens while remaining operational – including encouraging people to work from home.

In the digital world, it’s not enough to simply sit at your computer at home to start work – what do you, as a user or a responsible person, need to do to secure your business in the digital space?

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Infodemic, Coronavirus and Fake News

Criminals are opportunistic. It’s not for nothing that the saying “opportunity breeds thieves”. The past has already shown that widely scattered news and crisis situations lead to criminals taking advantage of them, for example in the Australian bush fires at the beginning of the year. Because the corona virus activates … continue reading

EternalDarkness: Critical vulnerability in Windows 10

A critical vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796) called “EternalDarkness” in the SMB protocol was reported yesterday in Windows systems, specifically Windows 10 and Windows Server. The vulnerability can be prevented on servers with a workaround, but not on private machines. In any case, Microsoft recommends updating systems as soon as updates are available … continue reading

Online Learning as an Alternative in Times of Corona

The coronavirus is going around and forces more and more companies to let employees work from home. This leads to different consequences on a medical, social and economic level. The forced home office more or less “forces” companies to modern work and digitalized processes. One opportunity that arises from this … continue reading

Internet Fraud: 10 signs you are going to be scammed (Part 1)

Internet fraud has become a constant threat. Whether on eBay, Facebook or Amazon. By email, phone or chat fraudsters are trying to get our information, identity or money. The idea of scamming people is older than the Internet. There are sources that point out that cheating already took place at … continue reading