Security hole

What is a firewall?

The term firewall appears very often in the context of corporate IT security. But what exactly is a firewall and what are the different types? So that you too can use this IT security tool correctly, we explain everything about the firewall in this article. What is a firewall? In … continue reading

WhatsApp failure due to unreadable message!

The popular Messenger WhatsApp is frequently featured in our blog posts. In today’s blog post, we discuss a WhatsApp failure that could cause the app to crash and require reinstallation. This WhatsApp vulnerability is worth mentioning because it can be triggered by an unreadable message. How this message looks like and how you can protect yourself from this attack is explained in this article.

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Cyber security in shipping – BSI warns!

Digitization affects almost all industries. This includes the entire shipping and logistics industry that goes hand in hand with it. A large and costly example of this is the ransomware wave from 2017, when cyber security was affected by the malware “NotPetya” from many logistics companies and shipping lines in the shipping industry, and lost many millions as a result. Now the German Federal Office for Information Security has published a guide on how to improve IT security in this industry.

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Security gap in learning platform Mebis!

Learning platforms get in Covid19 times more and more attention and win strongly at users. However, not all of these platforms are secure and protect the users’ data sufficiently. This is also the case with the platform Mebis, which was developed by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture. A group of hackers has now published an article in which several vulnerabilities are mentioned that are contained in the Mebis platform.

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Mailto-Link can be exploited to grab sensitive files!

Email is still the main means of communication when you are in business. So-called mailto links ensure that the default email program automatically opens and an email with a predefined sender appears. Researchers of the Ruhr University Bochum have now discovered that in such links not only the recipient can be set, but also attachments can be defined.

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Unc0ver: Jailbreak for iOS 11 to 13.5 available!

Since Saturday, a non-permanent and fully reversible jailbreak is available for iOS 11 to 13.5. The possibility to break out of Apple’s operating system is based on a zero-day gap which is at home in the kernel. The developers are positive that the jailbreak also works with iOS 14. With the release of the jailbreak the developers renounce the participation in a bug bounty program.

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