Cyber security in shipping – BSI warns!

Digitization affects almost all industries. This includes the entire shipping and logistics industry that goes hand in hand with it. A large and costly example of this is the ransomware wave from 2017, when cyber security was affected by the malware “NotPetya” from many logistics companies and shipping lines in the shipping industry, and lost many millions as a result. Now the German Federal Office for Information Security has published a guide on how to improve IT security in this industry.

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EternalDarkness: Critical vulnerability in Windows 10

A critical vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796) called “EternalDarkness” in the SMB protocol was reported yesterday in Windows systems, specifically Windows 10 and Windows Server. The vulnerability can be prevented on servers with a workaround, but not on private machines. In any case, Microsoft recommends updating systems as soon as updates are available … continue reading

Detect Ransomware – decrypt Files!

With the help of NoMoreRansom, encryption trojans can be detected and with a bit of luck you can decrypt the files without having to pay ransom. One email, one wrong click and a moment of inattention is all it takes for the encryption trojan to run rampant on your hard … continue reading