Fraud scam

Browser-in-a-Browser Attacke

Browser-in-a-Browser attack: We explain it

Have you ever heard of a so-called browser-in-a-browser attack? This is a resourceful phishing method that hackers increasingly use to try to get hold of your passwords and thus gain access to the corresponding IT systems. But what sounds quite simple at first, then requires a bit more explanation for … continue reading

Call ID Spoofing

Call ID spoofing becomes more difficult

Call ID spoofing, the concealment of telephone numbers, will be made more difficult in Germany as of 1.12.22 by an amendment to the Telecommunications Act (TKG). But how exactly is this implemented? How does Call ID Spoofing work? We’ve dealt with Call ID spoofing on the blog before. To summarize … continue reading

Quishing Betrugsmasche mit QR-Codes

Quishing – The dangerous QR codes of the scammers

The corona pandemic is a veritable goldmine for scammers and phishers, with testing centers emailing test results and registration requests, vaccination appointments being confirmed online, and follow-ups being filled out online. A new scam has developed here – Quishing, phishing via QR codes. Why did this method emerge and how … continue reading