Cloud Security

Open source library dependencies

Check dependencies on open source libraries!

With a high number of dependencies on open source libraries, unwanted problems can occur. As a recent incident shows, these do not have to be of technical origin, but can have human motives. The open-source faker.js and colors.js libraries were intentionally tampered with by Marak Squires, the developer. Developers who … continue reading

The pros and cons of clouds!

Clouds are used a lot. It is often more clever and practical to be able to access your data from anywhere. That’s why cloud services are becoming more and more relevant and are indispensable these days. However, there are also certain disadvantages that can occur when using clouds. Pros and … continue reading

Which cloud is the most secure?

One often encounters the term cloud when it comes to data storage. There are many different cloud providers that can store our data for a small amount of money. We therefore took a look at which cloud is the most secure. Which cloud is the most secure? Which cloud is … continue reading