Election evaluation software with big security problems!

Shortly before the election in the USA, security problems of an election analysis software in Switzerland become public. Several cantons are using outdated and vulnerable software and make it clear that IT security has not been a major issue in recent years. Together with the Swiss online magazine Republik, IT … continue reading

Bar association affected by ransomware – perpetrators demand ransom!

The Bar Association’s electronic lawyer mailbox (BeA) has apparently fallen victim to a ransomware attack. A misconfigured database now allowed the attackers to demand ransomware, among other things. Bar association hit by ransomware 2 weeks ago The news website Golem already reported about 2 weeks ago that the information page … continue reading

Duckduckgo directions are now available!

The Internet search engine Duckduckgo has now integrated directions. The possibility to access a map and directions directly via different search engines, such as Google, is already known. But now the search engine Duckduckgo can also shine with this feature.

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Second factor automated confirmation – programmer develops a robot finger!

A software developer of the messenger Slack has developed a robot finger in times of home office, which helps him to confirm the second factor. With the help of the robot finger, a small sensor is activated, which is connected to the laptop of the developer via USB-C.

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Pentest Tool #5 – Naabu

In week 5 we will introduce the Pentest Tool #5 Naabu. Naabu is a scanner like the tools we already know. We are still in the reconnaissance phase, in which we as attackers try to get to know the target system as well as possible. Using Naabu, the goal is to detect open ports on the target system with a very fast scan.

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Windows XP source code released – New possibilities for attackers!

Exactly one week ago, an anonymous user shared a link on the 4chan message board. This link led to a file archive of about 3GB, where parts of the source code of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are located. Although these Windows versions have been out of date for years, the open source code poses a threat to current systems.

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7 golden rules for group chat in WhatsApp

Almost everyone knows large and confusing groups in the popular Messenger WhatsApp. To ensure that all group members can be included and the group discussion does not end in chaos, we have summarized the rules for group chat in WhatsApp.

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